All reviews contained herein are based on my own individual thoughts and impressions. I freely admit that I have no training in chemistry, perfumery, or cosmetology. My writing education is as extensive as an education worth over $300,000 and a lifetime of practice affords me. I also write extensively in my professional life as a legal services professional.

My general review policy is as follows: I have no intention to write anything less than honest about any scent I try. I have done academic presentations on perfume and the perfume industry, I have guest blogged at other perfume blogs, and I occasionally freelance write for corporate blogs about perfume (among other topics). I am available for private consultations on scent selection for special occasions, such as weddings, birthday gifts, etc. (References available upon request.)

I believe being honest is an important part of keeping readers because they know they can trust me to be truthful. However, my general approach is that one perfumista's "meh" scent is another's holy grail of perfume, and I look for the good and inspiring in every scent I try. Most times I find it. Admittedly, there is the rare occasion when I do not.

With that in mind, I am happy to try and review anything you send me. My intention would be to get a review in within 4-6 weeks of receipt of the sample, time constraints allowing. I will disclose openly any and all scents I receive as a promotion. All other scents (i.e. almost all of them) are obtained my private purchase, gift, swap, etc.

For the record: I have never solicited samples from a perfumer. I've only been approached by perfumers themselves and asked to participate in events or consider their scents. I have no intention of changing this policy.  If I  really want it, I'll do what I think is appropriate -- pay the perfumers for their art (though I am always happy and flattered to receive scents for review.)

Inquiries regarding reviews, promotions, blog circles, private consultation, etc. should be directed to feminine.things @ gmail.com.