Perfume and Feminist Aesthetics

Over the course of writing this blog, I began amassing a collection of pieces that discuss and dissect perfume as it is presented and marketed through the lens of feminist aesthetics. This work is often strongly academic, and I have given presentations on this topic an academic setting.  For those of you with an interest toward feminist critique of the perfume industry, I have collected links to my individual pieces on the topic here for your perusal.

Gender, Language, and Scent
An introductory piece to assist new readers in understanding what feminist aesthetics are and how feminist critique, particularly in the context of visual language and art, operates.

Perfume Marketing and Feminist Aesthetics, Pt. 1: Perfume, Advertising, And the Male Gaze
A piece that introduces the concept of the male gaze as it relates to perfume marketing.

~ Some More Thoughts on "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" and Advertising of Scents for 'Men'
A specific response to commentary and critique of  Old Spice's The Man Your Man Could Smell Like ad campaign. A continuation of the previous piece.

~ Perfume Marketing and Feminist Aesthetics, Pt. 2: Sex/Erotica and the Male Gaze in Perfume Advertising
Just what it says: a piece exploring the use of sex and erotica, with all its patriarchal trappings, and perfume marketing.

Perfume Marketing and Feminist Aesthetics, Pt. 3: The Exotic and how it relates to the Male Gaze and Majority View in Perfume Advertising
This piece explores the use of the exotic (i.e. depicting women as animals or objects rather than people, using "otherness" such as racial or sexual minority) to sell perfume.

~ Advertising Critique: Prada Infusion d'Iris
A specific critique of Prada's advertising campaign for Prada Infusion d'Iris, a scent I own and enjoy.

~ Perfume, Marketing, and Feminist Aesthetics: Kate Walsh's Boyfriend
A specific critique of Kate Walsh's boyfriend, with review embedded, that examines the various marketing pieces used to promote the scent, from advertising to bottle design to promo materials and packaging.

~ ‘Alternative’ Styles in Advertising and the Male Gaze:
 Pt. 1,   Pt. 2,   Pt. 3,   Pt. 4
A series exploring the co-opting of rebellion and alternative styles of self-presentation into ads that indulge in the male gaze, feminine passivity, and other classic sexist tropes to sell perfume

~ 'Cause she knows that it's demanding to defeat those evil machines...
Some General Thoughts on Rape Culture, Advertising, Feminist Aesthetics, and Warrior Fatigue

More to come...
For those who are interested in my credentials, I have a Bachelor of Arts from Lewis & Clark College in History and Gender Studies and a Juris Doctorate from Lewis & Clark Northwest School of Law focusing on crime victims' rights advocacy, criminal law, civil rights litigation, and feminist jurisprudence.  I have presented on various feminist topics at the Lewis & Clark Gender Symposium and guest lectured a 400 level Philosophy of Feminism course at the University of Portland.  I also have over eight years experience working as an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. I am a former member of the Board of Directors for B*tch Media.