Other Feminist Writing

The following are a list of other feminist pieces written by me both here at Feminine Things and other places. These are not part of the perfume and feminist aesthetics pieces.

Feminist Pieces for Tree.com:
A piece arguing, under the line of dormant commerce clause cases, the Supreme Court has a precedent grounded duty to extend same sex marriage across all fifty states.

A piece considering the place of all female festivals like Lilith Fair in the modern musical landscape.

A piece examining the impact of the SCOTUS ruling in Dukes v. Walmart Stores, Inc.

A piece looking at the stereotypical approaches to fairy tale reboots and their failure to tell a new story.

Explicitly Feminist pieces on Feminine Things:
A reflection on feminism as a word with negative connotations and personal reclamation of same said word.

Some thoughts on Julia Sugarbaker and Southern women as feminists.

 Why the Use of Campus Alert Systems in Campus Sexual Assaults Won't Help, and May Actually Hurt, Survivors

A Personal Reflection on Mainstream Messaging, the Practicalities of Child-Rearing, and the True Definition of Reproductive Rights

A piece discussing the Explosion of Young Adult Fiction and Its Impact on the Future Voices of Women.

On Amanda Palmer, Nirvana, and the Language of Violence in Popular Culture

A piece on the Violence Against Women Act.

Thoughts, Perfumey & Not, on Suzanne Collin's The Hunger Games, Pt. 1

A few words here the concept of "post-abortion trauma" as a political strategy and its lack of scientific basis.

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