Saturday, October 20, 2012

Down by the water, I took her hand.

Sea Scape by Anu Prestonia of Anu Essentials

And here we reach the fifth and final day of the Primordial Scent Project: Water scents. This week we're having our first true rain of Fall, and Anu Essentials Sea Scape is described as follows:
Bring the ocean closer to you with this unique combination of seaweed, violet leaf, Bulgarian rose, Tunisian neroli, ambergris and two kinds of jasmine to start the lapping of the waves smoothly rolling in on your consciousness, relaxing your mind and stirring your soul.
You know what this scent made me think of first? Tide pools. When you hike along the Oregon and Washington coasts, you will find yourself in long pants and hiking boots, scrambling over rocky outcroppings to star down at beautiful tide pools. These little swirling worlds team with life -- crabs and star fish, sand dollars and kelp, moss and algae.

When you stand over them, peering into their worlds, a smell will rose toward you. That smell is green and wet and, well, primordial. It is the scent that reminds me that we once came from the water, and that we may eventually return.

Sea Scape rides very close to the skin for such a potent scent. It manages to be a strong perfume, without a radius that would knock your neighbor down. If your water scent tastes run toward the green and life-giving end of the spectrum, this might be the water option for you.

Samples are available from the perfumer for $5, and a full bottle is $85.00 direct from the perfumer.

If you'd like to try the entire Primordial Scent Project: Water set, it's available here for $25.00.

By far the best/worst part of this for me is that there is no clear winner among the water scents.  They were all really terrific, and every time I tried to pick one I liked 'best' or even that I thought was the most accurate or clearest representation of "water," I couldn't. They all seem to represent slightly different but very real encounters of water in the world to me, and are all a kind of bliss-inducing experience. I feel very lucky to have been part of the project, and I still have the Fire and Air scents to tell you about. So if water scents aren't your cup of tea, stay tuned!

For more reviews of the primordial water scents, try: EauMG; The Perfume Critic; Fragrantica.

Little fish, big fish,
swimming in the water.
Come back here, man,
give my daughter.

~ "Down By The Water," PJ Harvey


Lucy Raubertas said...

Fascinating project and your presentation of it is intriguing. Tidal pool perfume, what could be better?

Diana said...


I thought it was a pretty terrific take on water myself.

Thanks for reading,