Monday, July 9, 2012

What does a Cylon smell like?

"It's not enough to live. You have to have something to live for."
~ Commander William "Husker"  Adama

I'm sorry I've been kind of absent lately. What can I say? Even cowgirls get the blues. Or to put it another way, life has been kicking old Diana in the rear pretty routinely the last few weeks. In the wake of my intense ungoodness,  it's hard to feel motivated by anything, even my lovely perfume. It isn't that my beautiful collection hasn't been a comfort, a succor, a relief. It has. Today I wore Olympic Orchids Carolina, and even when I was crying, it helped. Sadly, though, it is not enough.  Some days, it just isn't.

What I learned watching BSG:
Do not listen to the voices in your
head, esp. if they make out with you.
But I've been buying scents and samples. Just this week I bought a couple of sample packs from LuckyScent, a bottle of Serge Lutens Five O'Clock Au Gingembre, and a whole bunch of samples from Bourbon French Parfums. I discovered a bunch of lovely and very affordable scents there, which I hope to tell you more about soon.

But not right now. For now I'm going to nurse this figurative small tear in the surface of my heart and my strained ego and the very real pain in my lower back (thank the Twelve Gods of Kobol for heating pads) and watch some more Battlestar Galactica. No matter how bad things are, I can always remind myself that it could be worse.

After all, I could be Gaius Baltar.

Now, kick back, relax and ponder this: if you were creating a race of AI robots that eventually evolved to appear virtually indistinguishable from humans, what would those Cylons smell like?

They have a plan.


JoanElaine said...

Two things:

1. I sincerely hope you feel better soon. Heating pads, perfume and beloved television programs are all very effective methods of healing and recovery.

2. I think Cylons would smell like laundry musks.

Diana said...

1. I engage in all three. :)

2. I love the idea of them smelling like laundry musks. I always thought they'd smell like that electronic buzz you from machinery at the edge of your hearing, kind of white noise and ozone-y. But 'clean' also works well. :)

monster said...

Hope you cheer up soon. Buffy is my go-to feel better series.

To be fair, you'd have to scent the Cyclons by type:

Number 1, Cavil: kicky incense Passage D’Enfer

Number 2, Loeben: traditional reverential Shalimar

Number 3, D’Anna: bold confidence Chanel Egoiste

Number 4, Simon: musky uncivilized hospital Blood Type O

Number 5, Doral: dark and regal Tom Ford Black Orchid

Number 6, Caprica Six: sexy incense iris Dzongkha

Number 7, Daniel: mild nutty milkiness L’eau D’Hiver

Number 8, Sharon: earthy yet sweetly complicated Lolita Lempicka

Diana said...


I LOVE THIS LIST! Also, way to avoid spoilers!

For Loeben (#2), I really do not think Shalimar. I think of horrible things, the worst of religious zealotry... something that smells strong or unavoidable, overwhelming if you use too much or stand too close, something incense or oriental, sweet but is also unforgiving, fanatical....something like Caron Parfum Sacre or CK Obsession?

I like Blood Type O for Simon and Black Orchid for Doral.

Thanks for the suggestions. So interesting....