Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So tonight I'm gonna party like its...

A Review of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Miskatonic University

So El Hubs and I are heading out of town this weekend to watch a dear friend graduate college (Go Audrey!), visit his parents, and celebrate his birthday.  I think the image to the right accurately reflects our respective attitudes toward travel in general.  I would be the Sheldon in the scenario, and for David, Penny equals our cats.  It usually takes less than twenty-four hours before he starts verbally speculating about how they are and what they are doing, which usually means he is missing them before we even manage to leave the house. We are going up to one of my favorite areas in the world, the top of the Olympic Peninsula.  My plans include eating at Bella Italia in Port Angeles (shut up, Twi-haters, I love that damned ravioli), jewelry shopping at Lila Drake in Port Towsend before a quick stop at the old-fashioned soda fountain, and if it's nice, a long walk down Rialto Beach.

Did I mention it was his birthday? Yeah. This is what happens when I ask what he wants to do and he says, "Whatever."

And now, for the sleeping.
While I'm mentioning exciting things, I'll throw out there that this past weekend I finished my first draft of the sequel to Spooked, the YA supernatural noir I am currently trying to find an agent for. I wrote for thirteen hours straight to finish it because there is a point I get to near the end of these things that it is literally pouring out of me and I won't be able to focus on anything else until it is done.  On the whole, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. There is something really satisfying about finally getting around to telling the end of a story when you've known it for a long time.  Now my lovely betas are hard at work reading, trying to ignore my egregious typing errors and grammar discombobulation. I have nothing but hearts and sparkles for my peeps, who keep me encouraged when I want to lay on the couch like a beached whale slathered in ice cream remnants moaning about how untalented I am and how it is never going to happen for me.

Also, in case you haven't noticed, gifs have come to Feminine Things because apparently I have now caught up with internet technology circa 1999. FN1.

I was up super late writing, so now I am so in need of coffee I decided my best bet is to smell like coffee.  To that end I bring you Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Miskatonic University, part of their Picnic in Arkham series.
A venerable New England university, whose vast library holds many rare, diabolical and obscure arcane works, including one of the few surviving legitimate copies of the Necronomicon. Home to innumerable scholars of the esoteric and the occult, and the notorious Dr. Herbert West. 
Notes: The scent of Irish coffee, dusty tomes and polished oakwood halls. 
The initial impression is coffee, hazelnut, and bubblegum?  I have no idea why I get bubblegum.  I think it's the attempt at the Irish part of the Irish coffee.  Over time the bubble-gummy note dissipates (thank goodness) and becomes a mixture of hazelnut coffee, dust, and dry hard wood.   For me, it's worth waiting out the bubble gum for the weird delights of smelling like you've fallen asleep while reading old books in a library with your head resting next to a still warm cup of good sweetened coffee. If you are worried about sweetness; don't.  It get so dry and woody within the first hour that I'd say it more hints at gourmand than actually acts like one. In fact the wood is so strong at the in its almost resin-y.
Let's get this birthday road
trip started! Who has the snacks?

Four hours later, the wood (which took on that ripe young new wood smell) and coffee melded weirdly so that I kept hitting a hint of fig. Nose to pulse point, the notes were still distinctive, but at arm to head length, it was straaaaangely fig fruity. This may just be on me, but that's what I got.  You try it and be the judge. The sillage is relatively low, but the longevity is pretty good. I could smell light wafts eight to ten hours later (though if you read regularly, you know scents tend to last a long time on me.)

This is a classic three-ish nodder for me.  I like it, mostly, but also feel like someone else would like it more, it would fit them better, or I'd like it more if it were only X, Y, or Z.  That said, if you like a little sugar with your wood (dirty!) , this might be a good scent for you. For me, it's sort of meh.  I think I'll shelve it for a few months, try it again in the fall, and if I still can't get into it, make it a gift to someone who can. Could that be you?  Perhaps, dear reader.  Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

If this sounds interesting to you, stay tuned.  I'll probably give away a BPAL sample set in the next week or two and I'll make sure to include a sample of Miskatonic University.  But first, I have to steal, I mean celebrate, my husband's birthday.

Until then, yours in writing-induced exhaustion,

FN1. And that's how we are supposed to party, amIright

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Anat13 said...

Oh, wow--I would love that perfume simply for its name! I did not know there was a whole series of Arkham perfumes--clearly the thing to wear while playing Call of Cthulhu!