Friday, May 11, 2012

Saved by Steampunk: BPAL The Obsidian Widow

Yesterday I walked into the student lounge outside my apartment and was immediately taken with the scent roses, patchouli, and tobacco smoke. "Who smells so good?" I wondered. Turned out my friend Hilary was there, looking all awesomely steampunk and smelling terrific. FN1. "What are you wearing?," I asked/demanded.

What was she wearing? Dare I tell you? Something steampunk, of course! It was Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab The Obsidian Widow. The scent is described as follows:
Tinkling tiny feet scuttle across a massive oak desk, navigating through a flurry of papers and a maze of discarded books, wires, and bolts. Glistening green venom beads at its chelicerae, and a ruby hourglass flashes from the creature's underbelly as it begins to weave.  
Notes: Pinot noir, dark myrrh, red sandalwood, black patchouli, night-blooming jasmine, and attar of rose.
The scent is terrific, a total knock out. All night long I kept sniffing at her and sighing. The Black Widow was a strong smooth patchouli rose with strong jasmine and sandalwood notes. I don't own it, or have a sample, so I can't tell you how it stacks up against other scents with similar notes like L'Artisan Parfumeur Voleur de Roses, Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance, or Frederic Malle Une Rose. All I can tell you is that the smell of it was pretty and it made me happy.

I've been struggling for a while now. I keep smelling good things but I am having a hard time finding new words to describe them. New ways to explain to you the happiness I feel with I ind a particularly nice scent, even when I don't have new words to describe it. I kept trying to talk to you, and feeling like what I have to say is not good enough. I kept starting and never finishing, doubt defeating my feeble words and dumb, numb fingers over and over. I think I'm done with that, now. I never thought I'd say these words (outside of some piece of fiction, anyway) but The Black Widow freed me. So I'm going to tell you what I can about what I'm smelling and what I like and how pretty it is in the best way I know how, and you'll have to take what I have to say with all the authority I have ever had: none whatsoever, sans my own perfumey wanderings.

Yep. I'm back, friends. Thanks for waiting for me.

The Obsidian Widow is a perfume oil, and is available in a 5ml bottle for a mere $17.50, available direct from the perfumer here. The stuff is very strong, so a little goes a long way. In gratitude for to BPAL and The Black Widow, I'm thinking of buying some myself.

FN1. Seriously, she looks camera ready for a spontaneous photo shoot all! the! time! -- I'm convinced she probably even looks awesome when sleeping. Two days ago she was rocking a purple hat with a giant white and purple plume on it, and she did not look ridiculous, she looked awesome!

Who can do that? Not me, let me tell you. But Hilary? She looks kind of like this girl on the right every single day. She wears pirate boots without irony, works them like she's working a catwalk, and then pulls her keys or a knife from them at convenient moments, for like cutting up an apple or opening a door. She's more like a comic book superhero than the college student she masquerades as.

In fact, maybe she is.

Images from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Pegasus Inn, respectively.


Ines said...

Oh, I understand completely. I've been struggling with putting my perfume thoughts into words for some time now (and I also think I'm finished with that period). :)

Just by the notes, Black widow sounds like a winner and I'm now contemplating getting it without even smelling it first.

Aside from perfume, I am very jealous of your friend's capabilities. :)

Carol said...

lemming lemming lemming!!

Diana said...

Yeah, Ines. The writers block/doubt has been kiking my rear. Going to try not to listen to the little hater inside quite so much.

And yes, Hilary is not only perpetually excellently dressed, but is also mad smart. Sometimes I wonder if she's really just a creation of Joss Whedon waiting for her tv show to start.

Diana said...


I don't know if the lemming was aimed at me for following Hilary's scent lead or a comment on her fashion, but as fashion goes, she's pretty much following no one. It's part of what I admire about her. She doesn't look like anyone else I know in real life, and she makes it look pretty effortless.

As for me, yep! Lead me like a lemming right to the pretty, affordable scents. You can call me pretty much anything you want as long as I smell that good.


Carol said...

oh no I'm lemming that BPAL!!! xox Sorry!!!

Oh and I'm a big steampunk fan!

Sorry I was confusing (I think I need more coffee)

Ines said...

You know, after watching Bing Bang Theory I cannot help thinking of Joss Whedon as the "bad" guy. :D

Diana said...

Carol, I'm sorry for the misread as well. I think I also need coffee. And heck yeah, jump on that Black Widow! We can all be delicious lemmings together!

Diana said...

Ines, I'm super mad at him over something from the Buffy comics right not, so I'm fine with him being the bad guy. I've been marching around the house declaring he was dead to me for weeks!

But that's a whole other post.... :)


Cymbaline said...

So glad you're back in the groove!

Based on your reviews, I'm currently playing with a recently ordered Slumberhouse sample pack and now it seems as though I'll need to have a go at that BPAL Obsidian Widow : )

Believe me, your reviews don't fall on deaf ears!



Diana said...

Cymbaline, thanks for the welcome back. And great new on the BPAL front! I suspect they're going to see a strange bump in sales of Black Widow, and will have no idea why. Ha!

Ines said...

Sorry, I knew I remembered the name wrongly (again!).
It's Will Wheaton who keeps appearing in Bing Bang Theory. :)