Saturday, March 17, 2012

A litany of Saturday happy.... AND A WINNER!


Because I have been such a Debbie Downer lately, I decided to show a few photos of the hap-hap-happy happenings in my life while I announce the EnVoyage Perfumes Go Ask Alice sample (plus more samples, 2 mix CDs, the latest issue of Bitch magazine, and MORE!) drawing winner.

I had this delightful birthday pastry last weekend on my birthday trip to the Columbia Gorge (see above -- so pretty!).  The writing is in chocolate, and it made for an interesting counterpoint against the tart lemon.  It made me wonder if someone has made a lemon chocolate perfume, and if so, where I could find it.

I received this awesome t-shirt from my friends Becca and Steven.  Steven is the co-president of the University of Washington's Med Students for Choice.  This is their shirt this year, and despite my lack of MD, I get one anyway!  I am very proud of Steven for all the lobbying work that has been done by his group in Washington state.

While many state legislatures are currently working on bills hostile to reproductive rights, Washington House Reps passed HB 2330, which would require costs for abortions to be covered by any insurance plan (or purchased by any plan purchaser) who also provided maternity coverage. Sadly, the bill never made it to the floor of the Washington Senate before it expired, but I am hopeful it will be revived during the ongoing state budget talks.  As someone who had to terminate a life-threatening pregnancy shortly after I got married, I can tell you that having insurance coverage for that procedure as well as the two days I spent in the hospital and the follow-up care I needed was critical to David and I financially.  We would still be crippled with the cost of my emergency care today had it not been covered by my plan.

Okay sorry -- back to the happy!

Speaking of happy, if you never saw the tragically short lived Aaron Sorkin-penned TV show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, you should know it is available on Netflix.  And now also at my house, thanks to my friend LillieMae. I also got a copy of John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, which I am excited to read.  Hillary K., I look forward  to talking about it with you!

 These next two items were purchased by yours truly but I'm including them because they are perfumey and because they came to me a wonderful way. Also, to quote Serendipity, "I always appreciate my own thoughtfulness."

The first is my first scent from the lovely Mandy Aftel at Aftelier Perfumes, the lovely and incredible Fig.  A proper review is forthcoming, but let me say that I adore this scent, and was happy to let it waft me into happy sleep last night. Also, how cute is that packaging?  For realsies.  It's adorable. I am now so excited to try more of her scents.

The second item, also a fig scent (apparently I'm in the throes of a fig run, or something?) is a frankly huge partial bottle of Marc Jacobs Fig. It's a completely different fig than Mandy's, and from any other fig I own.  Nice, though, and acquired at an excellent price from Vanessa at Bonkers About Perfume. Vanessa has got to be the queen of packing and shipping, for nary a drop was spilt on the bottles long journey to me. Her recommendations on the use of bubble wrap for swapping are tried and true. Again, full recommendation pending, but so far, I am one satisfied fig loving customer.

I obtained both these figgy delights from a great little event on Scents of Self, called the Smell Good, Do Good sale. I had no idea the event was happening, but happened to be fortuitously on twitter on my vacay (because David and I have *wildly* differing sleep schedules and I was bored), which still has a handful of items left from the looks of it.  I have at least one other item coming from the sale, all proceeds of which go to benefit  Refuge, a British domestic violence charity that provides safe houses for women and children escaping domestic violence. so for m birthday, I got to help domestic violence survivors in need and get pretty perfume. The sale was a great idea and huge success, and I am pleased to have been able to buy things from it.

Speaking of awesome cause-related birthday gifts, I also received a $25 gift card for Kiva. For those of you unfamiliar, Kiva is
[A] non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. 
Thanks to my gift, I am helping a woman in El Salvador support herself and her family through her small agricultural operation. I also made a personal donation to help a woman in Samoa continuing her food business of three years.  I am pleased to say the latter woman now has a full funded loan from people all over the world. I am really happy to be among them.

If you've never tried Kiva or microlending, but have always been curious, then now is definitely the time. Thanks to generosity of Reid Hoffman (Kiva board member, founder of LinkedIn & co-author of recently released The Startup of You), Kiva has a limited time offer where you can lend $25 to the organization or individual of your choice at NO COST TO YOU. Seriously.  At no cost to you, you can become a lender to hardworking individuals and groups seeking self-sufficiency. When the loan is repaid, you will be able to lend it again, over and over.  Over time, your $25 donation may help people all over the world have a better life.

Can you imagine a better way to spend $25?

So while I'm in the giving mood, let's announce our winner!

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  9. Ines
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CONGRATS TO KAREN! Please email  feminine(dot)things @ gmail(dot)com.  Thanks to everyone who entered.  Don't worry -- I'm doing another drawing next week in honor of the release of The Hunger Games. The incredibly great early reviews of the film and the awesome book it is based on means that next Friday cannot come fast enough!

See you at The Capitol.


karen! said...

Wow! yeah! I'll email you straight away. Thanks so much for this. I'm excited to see all the goodies you'll be sending me.

Now a couple of comments on the rest of your post.

The uterus on that t-shirt is horribly (and unexpectedly) cute.

I absolutely love the Hunger Games books, but I'm avoiding the movie like the plague (I really, really don't want to risk being irritated and disappointed by it). Though it's pretty hard to avoid all the PR.

Diana said...


Yeah, I was both a little disturbed and simultaneously charmed by the t-shirt.

I am cautiously optimistic about The Hunger Games film given the reviews and the trailers. I'll let you know how it goes.

I got your email -- thanks so much for playing!


Ines said...

Can you believe I never heard of Hunger Games until a colleague asked if I were going to see the movies, as he knows I'm a fan of those kinds of books/movies. :)
Now I don't know if I should read the book or watch the movie first. What do you think?

karen! said...

Ines, Definitely read the books first

Vanessa said...

Glad you are happy with your fig bottle! And yes, I must say I was particularly proud of my packing "workmanship" there. Such a weighty item required extra levels of care I felt, not least because - as it said on the box I repurposed - of the "puredistance" it had to travel! : - )