Tuesday, December 20, 2011

For the Love of Perfume: A Reflection on Favorite Perfumes

Love, Infatuation, and Perfume, Part 5 - fin.

My apologizes, dear reader, for the sudden drop in posting and tweeting. I am fighting off an evil plague-like thing that has been haunting my various bodily humors for nigh on two weeks now. This dreadful crud has taken host in my head, ears, throat, nose and lungs, making it impossible to sniff for you as I wish to. The timing is terrible so close to the holidays, and it makes it hard to smell anything, but I soldier on for those of you who still have a few gifts left to purchase.

Here, for the final installment of 2011, are three last favorites of mine, scents I cannot imagine regretting ownership of that might make a good gift for someone in your life.

Olympic Orchids Carolina. One of my favorite smells in the world has got to be smell of baking banana bread, and Carolina holds an amalgamous hologram of that smell by combining the scents of piney woods and old men smoking out on the porch while aging magnolia blooms float from trees like snow flakes to the ground, where they turn to a sticky brown paste underfoot. It reminds me of half-remembered summers running barfoot along black tarred roads between my relatives houses, ideas so lost to time they seem more like a dream of something that happened to someone else. It's a great scent, and supremely reasonably priced.

Price: $.
Recommended for: those of who like warm homey scents; those who love Gone with the Wind.

L'Artisan Dzing!.L'Artisan says it is supposed to smell like a circus. Me? I think it smells like the best parts of a state fair and carnival on a warm day. Sweet hay, candied popcorn, funnel cakes, musky animals, oiled robber belts and gears grinding round and round on rides, and a heavy dose of incense wafting from a fortune teller's tent nearby. She wants you to come inside and hear your future. You say you don't believe in such things. Dzing! makes you want to go in anyway.

Price: $$-$$$.
Recommended for: those of adventurous spirit; those who like big, sweetly spicy foods.

Ayala Moriel L'Amour Immortelle. Sticky sweet amazing hot cocoa and maple syrup, one of the most delightfully realistic maples on the market. I was lucky enough to win a little bottle in a drawing, but I'd buy one even if I hadn't. It's delicate for all that sugar, a delightfully decadent experience. True bliss for lovers of gourmands.

Price: $$-$$$.
Recommended for: Your friend who always wants to go to brunch, your friend who thinks holidays should consist of hay rides, late nights, and big pancake laden breakfasts with family.

So that's it! Twelve wonderful scents for twelve days of seasonal giving.  I hope you all get lovely scented things this winter, even if you get them for yourself.  I know I got a lovely package in the mail just today...

Come back tomorrow for some thoughts on the Winter Solstice for those of us here north of the equator.

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$ - $1-$75.
$$ - $76-$130.
$$$ - $131-$200.
$$$$ - $200-$300.
$$$$$ - $300+.

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Anonymous said...

You poor soul - it's a pain when the lurgies take over in time for the holidays. Look after yourself.

Incidentally, the Winter Solstice is at 05:30 GMT on Thursday 22.12.11, just to catch us all on the hop.

cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh