Wednesday, December 7, 2011

For the Love of Perfume: A Reflection on Favorite Perfumes

Love, Infatuation, and Perfume, Part 3

My favorite scents, and thoughts on who they might make good gifts for.

L'Artisan Vanilia. Every time I sniff Vanilia, I can't believe it got discontinued. I love vanillas and I am always game to try new ones, but this one remains one of my singular favorites. It's so unusually green and sappy, not foodie sweet or liquored like vanilla extract. It has a lovely structure and drydown. I managed to grab a bottle after the discontinue about two months ago for a reasonable price, but I had to hunt for it. I recommend getting your hands on some while it can still be found.

Price: $$-$$$$, depending on size and deal you find. My almost full bottle after d/c was still only $$.
Recommended for: the quirky vanilla fiend, the collector.

Demeter Perfumes Salt Air. I know, it's a $6 bottle of perfume. So why can't I quit putting it on? I'll be the first person to admit that Demeter scents have a tendency to run the gamut from too-on-the-nose to trying-so-hard-they-are-harsh, but this one is right on the money for me. If you asked me to name the best thing I own for less than $10, this would win. Even if we ratcheted the amount to $20, which would include things like Coty Sand & Sable and Worth Je Reviens, this might still win. It's completely neutral and smells like the smell that hits me every time I get close enough to the ocean to feel my constant yearning to return to the sea unclench. I'd pay a whole lot more than $6 for that experience, but I'm really glad I don't have to.

Price: $.
Recommended for: the beach lover, the eclectic DIY fashionista who will enjoy the low price and unusual scent.

Bond No. 9 New Haarlem. My first Bond love still remains the strongest. There's something about the blend of coffee, patchouli, and vanilla that can't go wrong, and not because I live in Portlandia, where the air is virtually suffuse with those scents. The combination works effortlessly, and not only do I deeply enjoy smelling it throughout the day, but I get tons of compliments on it. Yes, it's on the sweet and foodie end, but if you can deal with that (or like me, love it) then you can't go wrong with this one.

Price: $$$.
Recommended for: the hipster, the coffee lover.

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$ - $1-$75.
$$ - $76-$130.
$$$ - $131-$200.
$$$$ - $200-$300.
$$$$$ - $300+.


Ines said...

We share a lot of loves and I never tried Salt water before so as I love everything else on this list, the Demeter is one I need to get my hands on fast. :)
And only 6$?!

Joan said...

Vanilia is my favorite vanilla too. It is, in fact, the only vanilla I like. Most of them are far too plain.