Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's the End of the World As We Know It, and I Smell Fine

For the love of God,
Perfumes for Your Post-Apocalyptic Isolation

If you knew me well, dear reader, you'd understand that my brain is often full of moderately morbid scenarios for the future. FN1.

So in honor of Halloween, I'll share one of these dark mental meanderings, which you can respond to for, naturally, a seasonal prize, for we are all about the prizes here at Feminine Things.

So think with me for a moment, dear reader, about the end times. I don't mean rivers of blood or rapture, I mean post-apocalyptic survival times. Imagine you have survived in a world without people. I don't mean The Walking Dead style survival.

Helllooooo? Anyone here?
I mean finding yourself in a I Am Legend style, you-may-be-the-only-living-human-survivor, complete isolation kind of world. Or, if you prefer, a Tom-Cruise-in-Vanilla-Sky-omg-where-did-the-WORLD-go!?! kind of environment.

It's just you and...

After you've managed to secure food,shelter, and housing, it would get kind of boring, right? You could raid libraries for books and stores for batteries to power some audiobooks or music for a while. But you're alone. I mean ah-lone. For all you know, it could stay like that for the rest of your life.

Fun Fact: They actually emptied
Times Square to shoot this.
So stop and imagine your city or town in a world where death comes swift and furious, taking humanity in one chilling wind, one moment there and within hours, gone. Imagine the empty art galleries and clothing stores and groceries, the beautiful gowns and hand-stitched linen suits left to moulder on hangers, the fine china and crystal all smashed and covered in dust.

The world, what's left of it, is yours. You can have everything or nothing. Somewhere out there, it all waits for you, the trappings of a life now lost.

Myself? I'd be picking my way through the rubble of my beloved Rose City toward Hawthorne Street, where the remnants of The Perfume House would await me. It might be the end of the world, but at least I would smell great. Seriously -- they'd have almost everything I could want.  L'Artisans, Guerlains, Chanels, Goutals, and more.  Resting in beautiful rows for me to make a day of before some sad fate befell me as well. I like to think, even in my most shell shocked, I'd still find beauty in things: a sunrise, a fresh apple, a supple leather, a beautiful perfume.

In the midst of perfect ruin, what perfume do you search for? What scent would you acquire now that all the perfume in the world is yours for the taking but no one else will ever appreciate?

Answer below to enter!  Winner will receive a copy of my October 2011 Mix CD, also known as "Music For Monster Lovers, Vol. 4," some fun Halloween themed goodies and a $15 gift certificate to Indiescents!

Comment by Monday, October 31, 2011 11:59 PM PST! Open to U.S. and International readers.

FN1. My David is really tired of having conversations that begin with "If you died..." or, alternately, "If I died...." or, literally, "When a bioterrorist/supergerm zombie apocalypse descends..." I have been told on more than one occasion to stop asking questions about our potential deaths. Also, he actually put together a zombie preparedness kit in the closet to make me feel more secure. Moral of the story? I am super wacky, and he is super tolerant.


Anonymous said...

You've somehow put me in the frame of mind to watch films like "WALL-E" and "Up":-)

Tom Stoppard's "if you look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else." seems apt too, because folk are resilient and keep on keeping on. And I'd make my way to the Osmotheque, just to try the hoarded Preciouses!

cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

Ines said...

:D Love your footnote.

I have no idea what perfume would I search for.
I'd probably raid the niche store here. :) Or just go and live there. So, it would all be at hand.
Besides, I really like the look of it and there's a tea store in the same space, so I'd have expensive tea as well. ;)

Perfumeshrine said...

Interesting concept: The thing we desire most is often valued through the inaccessibility of it or the delayed pleasure principle. Also, if there's no one to share that pleasure in some form, does it dimish the pleasure?
Perfume (and acquiring more perfume at that) would probably be the last thing on my mind, in such a scenario. I'd be too busy thinking all the implications and wondering if Satre was right after all... :-)

samberg said...

My fantasy answer is I would wear L'Heure Bleue every day instead of just special days.

The sadder truth is I would probably carry my partner's pillow and shirts around like Linus's blanket until I couldn't smell him anymore.