Monday, September 19, 2011

My derring-do allows me to dance the rigadoon around you.

Perfume Challenge Week 35: Monday, 9/12/11, to Friday, 9/16/11

This week's challenge brought
to you by Papaya Kitteh!
A strange and interesting mix of scents this week, which made for some interesting testing, some much better received by my partner and friends than others. Without further ado...

Monday: Tauer Perfumes Vetiver Dance - A twirling dance, notes revolving joyfully around vetiver. Exploring the dark, raw and almost damp earthiness of vetiver oil you may discover hidden gems; delicate lines of green leaves, clear spices and soft flower petals.Notes: Head - A crisp grapefruit, black pepper seed and clary sage set a green spicy accent. Heart - Bulgarian rose with a hint of clean lily of the valley plays with a rich vetiver. Body - Woody ambergris and cedar wood, with soft Tonka beans and a touch of cistus.

I have a love/hate relationship with vetiver. Sometimes it really lands for me (Dana English Leather) and sometimes it does not (Jo Malone Black Vetiver Café). Here, I am in cedar/vetiver looooooooove. It's so...assertive, but without being harsh. If there's one critique I have English Leather is that sometimes it is so strong an fresh it practically sears the nostrils; Vitver Dance has a softness to it that cleans up those rough edges and makes everything about the scent plush and indulgent and wow. Just completely wow. I find this scent to be a complete turn on! It's so sexy and confident, with a playful hint of sweetness that dares you to come in a little closer. 5 of 5 nods once again for the brilliant Andy Tauer.

Papaya says "The Daily Show"
is  serious business.
Tuesday: slumberhouse Rume - Pralined fur laced in dark red spice. Inspired by a room - the explorer's hideaway. A burgundry/silver cologne with animalic pulse paired alongside a warm hush of clay, cola, filbert, and hay. Rume is an idea, communicated through fragrance, of the desire to constantly seek out, experience, and explore; an idea that contentedness is a poison and regret is the aftermath. Notes: bay, myrrh, labdanum.

Chocolate and spices and rum and...fruitcake? Holy hell this is one confusing but decidedly cool weather scent. It really does smell like a fruitcake liqueur someone distilled down into a gel and then smeared it onto the chest of a chest of a person with a terrible cough trying to sleep. Does it sound disgusting? It isn't. It's awesome. It's the Christmas of vapor rubs. The fall evening aromas of humidifier mist. I am freaking in love with this weirdo scent. 5 of 5 nods.

Wednesday: I did my review of EnVoyage Perfumes L’Emblem Rouge. Don't forget to enter the drawing, which ends this 12:01AM, Friday, September 23, 2011 Pacific Standard Time.

Papaya makes love to the camera!
Thursday: Annick Goutal Encens Flamboyant - Captivated by the Orient and its mysteries, Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen wanted to go back to the very source of scents. At the time when incense was lit and burned to perfume clothes with its smoke. When the bark of desert trees was stripped to extract drops of resin. When scents were enigmatic, sensual and assertive. Notes: Fresh, Woody, Spicy (Essence of frankincense, pepper and roseberry - Frankincense resin, cardamom, sage and nutmeg, "Old church" frankincense, lentisque absolute and balsam fir).

Created in 2007, and part of the "Orientalists" Collection, which is tagged by Annick Goutal as a unisex collection. In so far as it is meant for anyone, I suppose it is a unisex scent. The opening is a nose full of black pepper and gunpowder. If there's incense in here, and there is a little, it isn't a church incense. It's more of a pagan ritual room kind of incense. It's....weird. I keep wanting to layer it with something, something gourmand or floral or... something. But maybe that's where I fail the scent, and not the other way around. It's muscular, assertive, and not at all me. Give it a try and see if it is you, though. It's well done for its concept; I just don't like the concept. 2 of 5 nods.

Friday: Lubin Gin Fizz - In 1955, a star captivated the crowds: appearing in films by Alfred Hitchcock and John Ford, playing alongside James Stewart and Cary Grant, Grace Kelly embodied the very elegance of America. Her mysterious charm even captured the heart of a Prince. It was in honour of her extraordinary beauty that Henri Giboulet created a perfume for Lubin which marked the decade, a very chic perfume, sparkling and fresh, evoking the cocktail in fashion that year in the ‘American bars’ of Paris, Gin Fizz. Notes: Bergamot, lemon, mandarin, juniper berry, iris, galbanum, orange blossom, rose absolute, jasmine, lily, benzoin, vetiver, oak moss and white musk

Papaya says, reviewing perfume?
Well, I can't exactly say it smells like a gin fizz tastes, but it is a delightful little scent. Gin Fizz is playfully floral, with a sparkle that is reminiscent of carbonated bubbles fizzing in your nose. I get the impression from the overall sweetness they went with an olfactory cocktail that followed the traditional Old Tom Gin recipe, which is nice. I wish I'd tried this earlier, when the temperature was still in the 80s and almost uncomfortably warm. I'll make a note to retry next summer, since those hot summer nights have passed us, I'd wager. I think I can make it work with a little dress and strappy shoes to great advantage on date night with my gin-loving partner. 3.5 of 5 nods.

Winner of the Week: I'm giving it to Tauer Perfumes Vetiver Dance, though I think I'm more likely to buy slumberhouse Rume. Or both...eventually.

"Please forgive me for my distance.
The pain is the evident in my existence.
Please forgive me for my distance.
The shame is manifest in my resistance
to your love, to your love, to your love..."
~ "To Your Love," Fiona Apple


Anonymous said...

Papaya Kitteh is very obliging in the "posing for the camera" department. Our mad moggy does the "abandoned set of furry bagpipes" look all the time but can I catch her on camera? No way. Cats!

cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

Undina said...

Love your cat! He (?) reminds me of my cat (just with slightly less fur).
I'm curious about your Monday and Tuesday perfumes - both with the highest rating. I wonder: if I like Jo Malone's Black Vetiver Caffe what should I expect from Tauer's creation? :)

Diana said...

Anna, she is quite the little mugger. Much more so than my other three cats. I'll end up showing you some of them soon I bet.

Diana said...


Papaya is a she, but we have four cats (2 boys and 2 girls) so you had a 50/50 shot! :)

I don't hate Jo Malone's Black Vetiver Café, I just don't love it. From a line where I own six of the scents, that's surprised me.

You can expect a much sharper vetiver, with a lot off cedar-y pencil shavings accents. It reminded me a bit of English Leather, except that if English Leather is being hit on the nose with a hammer, Vetiver Dance is a bag of smooth stones in a velvet bag.

Does that help? It's pretty, but very strong and structural, but like a brushed steel. I really liked it, but have a hard time telling you exactly why...

Undina said...

Among all my blogo-friends you're probably the biggest fan of Jo Malone (after me :) ) - I feel very pleased. I do not own BVC because there are not that many perfumes of which I need/want 100 ml and this one is definitely not one of the exceptions. If it had been available in their "regular" size I would have bought it.
I like the idea of sedary pencil shavings, so I'll put this one on my "to try" list.