Saturday, August 13, 2011

A word about the slowness of posting...

I am in an epic battle with Blogger right now.  The kind of battle less akin to technical difficulties and more akin to the Doctor and the Daleks.  Seriously, it's bad.  I keep losing posts and comments.  Despite my best attempts, I haven't been able to properly update in three weeks.  Please stick with me, though, because I think I've almost got the issues worked out with Blogger tech support, which means lots of new posts coming down the pike.

Thank the gods I draft everything in word now.  I could do it here, but I'm a combination of paranoid, lazy, and a lousy typist, which means I depend on Word autocorrect to cover my shiny behind when it comes to the mistypes more than I should.

Anyway, more to come.  I'd tell you more, but as Dr. River Song would say -- "Spoilers!"

1 comment:

Undina said...

I thought you weren't posting anything because you were moving your enormous perfume collection :)
Come back soon!