Monday, August 29, 2011

A week of Demeter Fragrance Library Reviews, with a Twist

Reviewing perfumes that veer toward ultra-realism is tough because if it’s done right, it smells like the platonic ideal of the thing it’s supposed to smell like. If it’s done badly, well, it smells nothing like the thing you think it should. So it’s tricky, reviewing ultra-realist perfumes. I think Christopher Brosius takes a good tack on the expectation game by telling the consumer the story of what he thinks the scent smells like. It creates a scent from his memory, which means it isn’t necessarily going to be yours.

Demeter Fragrance Library goes the other direction by asserting the thing is what it says it is (for the most part). Salt air is supposed to be salt air; vinyl exactly what the name says in the title. This is a risky maneuver on Demeter’s part, because if the first scent of theirs you try smells like you think it should, then you’re sold on the line, and much more forgiving of the miss here and there based on that first bull’s eye. If that first try is a miss, though, you may dismiss the line completely.

Luckily for Demeter, I never give up on the first try.

This isn’t say that that Grass, which I reviewed here, is a bad scent. It’s not even to suggest it doesn’t smell like cut grass. It mostly does. However, there’s another aspect floating around in there that makes it not quite grass. I liked the experience, but Grass, well it wasn’t the droid I was looking for.

Because these scents are, for the most part, what they purport to be, I'm taking a different tact this week.  I'll tell you what the scent is like when worn, though that part will be mostly self-explanatory.  I'll also tell you a story.  Sniffing some of these scents evokes the idea of a place or circumstance  so strongly, you just find you want to write about it. Thus I decided I would.  This week you get a handful of short fiction/perfume reviews, courtesy of Demeter and my crazy brain.

I hope you find it entertaining.

People Who Don’t Know Nothin’ ‘bout Hurricanes Call Us Crazy - A story inspired by Demeter Fragrance Library Salt Air.
~ Jen Says. - A story inspired by Demeter Fragrance Library Dregs.
~ Lucky. - A story inspired by Demeter Fragrance Library Fresh Hay.
Mrs. LaClette's Roses - A story inspired by Demeter Fragrance Library Pruning Shears.
The First Ozarkiana State Fair and Barbed Beecue Competition - A story inspired by Demeter Fragrance Library Mesquite.

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Undina said...

I do not think I will be wearing any of Demeter's perfumes as a perfume (well, I might play with the Linden decant I bought for my search for the perfect linden scent) but I look forward to reading your stories.