Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Bellatrix Perfumes Titania

Bellatrix Perfumes Titania

The first Midsummer scent I bring you comes from the lovely Ankica Milic of Bellatrix Perfumes.

She provided me the following to reflect on as I sampled her scent, Titania:
Out of this wood do not desire to go:
Thou shalt remain here, whether thou wilt or no.
I am a spirit of no common rate;
The summer still doth tend upon my state;
And I do love thee: therefore, go with me;
I’ll gve thee fairies to attend on thee,
And they shall fetch thee jewels from the deep,
And sing while thou on pressed flowers dost sleep;
And I will purge thy mortal grossness so
That thou shalt like an airy spirit go.

Notes: Rosewood, Pink Pepper, Mentha peperita, Tuberose, Rose damascene abs., Neroli, Iris, Labdanum, Violet leaf, Orris butter, Sandal album, Angelica root, Ambrette, Oak moss, Patchouli.
What a lovely choice of words for an artistic meditation. I believe, on this passage alone, I could plan an entire lovely summer wedding. Titania’s woods are in many ways like love itself – once ensnared, it is a place one not only cannot leave, but does not wish to flee, for how sweet are its tender entrapments!

The scent, then, to me is less a mediation on the Queen of Fae herself, than on that blessed and magickal place that lives in our hearts, the haze of love that feels like the moment between sleeping and wakefulness. A drowsing dreamy state, where one might feel the gentle press of hands and gentler kiss of brow and cheek, and even in that unconsciousness, sigh for the happiness of it.

In that respect, Ankica has done her material a turn considerably more than fair. The scent is one that eyes closed and listening to Shakespeare’s words, might conjure in one’s mind images of the characters venturing into the woods that fateful night.

I cannot say that it is much like anything else I have tried, though I see some similarity to both strongly woody scents and some nerolis. The opening is full of pepper and menthe, which quickly retreats and folds strongly toward rosewood, oak moss, and patchouli. Violet leaf lurks, and rose as well. I give Ankica true credit for managing such a gentle patchouli. Usually it is a note so overwhelming I have to struggle to catch anything else. I do not get any iris, sadly, but I do not find it a loss here.

To give a sense of the scent beyond my own expression, let me give some other comparisons. It has some in common with Dana English Leather, but it less sharp featured and masculine than this cousin. Compared to Jo Malone Orange Blossom, Ankica's scent is less flowery and sweet and more of smooth wood, more inclined toward Fair Titania's hidden home than she herself. It is not so green as to share any relation to Roxana Illuminated Perfumes GreenWitch, though the Queen of Fae be both green and bewitching. It is very lovely, and makes a truly sweet scent for this project.

I hope Ankica will make it available when she chooses to launch her line. I’d like to own it. It fills a hole in my collection I did not know existed until I smelled the scent. And in this respect, it is quite like finding love when for love one seeks least.

That may be Titania and Oberon’s greatest trick here, and it is a good one.

To see more visit A Midsummer Night's Dream: A Perfume Event, running June 14-24, 2011.


Lisa BTB said...

What a lovely review.

Bellatrix said...

It is funny how bloggers write Bellatrix as my last name hahaha. Cool. I wish it is. But Milic (you read as: Milich) is not bad as well.
Beside typo in title, everything else is soooo nice and wonderful :) Thank you for this huge review. You give me a lot to think and to be more motivated to continue with me work.

esscentualalchemy said...

*claps her hands* I DO believe in fairies!

What a wonderful review of Tatania! Bellatrix should be very proud of such a lovely perfume! Thank you so much!

Oh, True Apothecary said...

What a beautiful review!

Monica said...

This perfume created by Bellatrix is one of my favorites from the group, I too would like to own it! I found it very hard to describe, the best I can do is peppery,amber-musk laced floral. It works and it's sexy.

Charna said...

Ankica's perfume sounds so lovely. Mint in perfume is so lifting, but can be hard to work with. It sounds as if perfumer Bellatrix has handled it very skillfully. Your description of Titania is fantastic!

anotherperfumeblog said...

Thank you for the review. This sounds just great. Is there a playful element to the perfume? I am wondering because of the passage from the play, which comes when Titania has been drugged and is "in love" with Bottom, and it is such a hilarious scene. Would love to know if the perfume echoes that playfulness at all.

hotlanta linda said...

Tell us all ASAP when we may purchase this fairy-scent - your review is on the money!! :-)

Diana said...

Ankica, I really liked the perfume. Sorry for the typos; I was up late, and have since corrected everything accordingly.

Thanks for making it. Very, very good job.

Diana said...


I wouldn't call it playful; I'd call it serious, but not somber. Serious like Rene Russo in that scene from The Thomas Crown Affair when she gets sexed up and goes to seduce Pierce Brosnan on a dance floor. So I guess I'd describe it as less playful and more "playa, playa".

Bellatrix said...

Wow, your comments are so motivating for me. :) Thank you all. :)

I don't know if I am still ready for sale, but if more bloggers find Titania interesting - than I will have to be ready. :)