Saturday, May 7, 2011

Recommended Viewing: Put a Bird On It (All the Seagull Ladies)

Dear Reader:  I give you "Put a Bird On It (All the Seagull Ladies), WHICH IS SO AMAZING I CAN ONLY WRITE IN ALL CAPS ZOMG!

Greatest "Single Ladies" Parody EVER!

Don't say I'm like everybody else.
I'm strictly do it yourself...

Saddest part? Was unironically considering bird-related tattoos recently. FN1. It predates putting a bird on it, but now that it will be A THING, might have to wait on that one for another five to ten years.

Thanks to readers Kate & Jill for the link!


FN1 It would be tattoo #2 after I get the one I've wanted since I was 17ish, but that is waiting for a particular accomplishment to be achieved. You'll know when. #2 is, yes, related to the Beatles song "Blackbird," which I personally associate with escaping domestic violence, and which is why I want the tattoo.

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Jess Windance said...

I am beyond flattered! Thanks for the endorsement!!!