Saturday, May 7, 2011

I've been lying too long; I was right when you were wrong.

Spring Time Reflections, Some Perfumey and Some Not

View from the Oregon City elevator
In an  "everybody else is doing it so why can't we?" mindframe, I’m was going to do my top ten scents for Spring 2011, for my own since of personal scent development archiving and because I can. But I already did a pretty hefty Spring scent list over here already. So instead, I’m just gonna record, for your entertainment and mine, some random thoughts for Spring, perfumey and not.  Also, some random pictures from a recent adventure I took following brown signs to historical sites around Oregon City, Oregon.

Bands/Artists I can't get enough of: The Watson Twins, Neko Case, Rilo Kiley, The Decemberists, Fitz and the Tantrums, Fleetwood Mac, Muddy Waters.

Surprise go to Scent this Spring: DSH Perfumes Lush Honey, bought unsniffed and so loving that I will buy another bottle while I still can, before it is discontinued.

Houses I need to try more of: Dior, Hermes, Annick Goutal

Best scents I bought for under $15: A tie between Coty Stetson and Worth Je Reviens EdT.

On the "soon to be purchased" short listMiller et Bertaux no. 3: Green, green, green and green (finally), Tauer  L'Air du Desert Marocain (also finally),  vintage Evening in Paris (go, go ebay bidding skillz), CB I Hate Perfume At The Beach 1966.

If I had a million dollars: A huge bottle of Roxana Illuminated Perfume GreenWitch, which is so amazing I can barely stand it.  At $175 for only 7.5ml, is just sadly well beyond my price range, as my ideal would be to have twice that much at least. Carefully hugs her tiny 1gram $30 sample vial. Truly one of the most beautiful green scents I've ever smelled, and deserving of a lengthy review as soon as I can get to it.

End of the Oregon Trail
Interpretive Center closed in 2010.
Happiest stumbled upon scent love of Spring: Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee. Who knew I liked figs? I certainly didn’t. Want to try more figs now.

Best newly discovered indie perfumer: I am so glad I found Ellen at Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes. Not only is she a really nice person, she makes great perfume and is doing us PNW perfumistas proud

Notes I’m weirdly over right now: vanilla, sweet florals, roses. I think I burned myself out.

Notes I can’t get enough of: weird fruits, anything green or herbal, moss, civet, cedar. If you’ve got recommendations in this area, please provide them.

Spring, in general and as part of college life: My least favorite season. Maybe it’s a time of adventure and renewal for everyone else, but for those of us who live on a college campus, it’s an ending time. This year is particularly difficult because, thanks to an early retirement program, forty-five life-long members of my beloved campus community are retiring. Yes, you read that right. Forty-five. So much for institutional memory. It really reinforces my feeling of not belonging here anymore; it’s strange to feel like a relic of someone else’s adventure in your own life.

Among those retiring is one of my favorite people in the entire universe, Stephen Dow Beckham. If there is a person in the world who inspires me to never give up or think something is out of my reach, to push myself harder and always believe I can do anything, it is this man who has done everything and still keeps on trucking. He is the first person in my collegiate career who ever implied my work was valuable, that my ideas were worthwhile and my voice, worth hearing. I had a lovely advisor before Dr. Beckham, who was a great and special man who believed in me, but Dr. Beckham is the one who took everything I did in stride as a matter of course and demanded more because he knew I was capable.

I’ll never forget the day after I did my radio interview as spokeswoman for a statewide campaign against parental notification for abortion. FN1. I ran into Dr. Beckham on my law school campus; he was there to interview dean candidates for the law school. He stopped me, and I felt this terror swirl though my stomach. Here was this educated, established, well-off white man who I loved and admired and wanted to think well of me, but whose politics I had never been all that sure of. “I heard you on the radio,” he said. I nodded, and said something perfunctory about the interviewer having ties to my alma mater. “ I heard your voice, and I thought, ‘I know who that is’” he replied, his eyes twinkling. He didn’t come out and say he was proud of me, but I could tell he was. Dr. Beckham knew one of the things I was most ashamed of in my life, and he was proud of me for standing up for what I believed in. That was the moment I knew doing the campaign was the right thing, and I felt, for the first time, we might win.

It was a huge moment for me personally, and I think it says evverything about how much a teacher can shape your life, helping you long after you've left them to know you're on the right path.  I pity all the students who won’t get to have him as their teacher. He’s the kind that can change your life.

What about you, dear reader. How is your Spring going?

"I can't hear this anymore.
It's time to leave.

I've closed the door.
Did you ever believe in me?
In you and me?"
"U-N-Me," The Watson Twins
FN1. Yes, I had an abortion. No, I don’t regret it. No, I don’t feel the need to justify that to you. Yes, I did radio(NPR)/television (all three networks; yes, even Fox)/newspaper interviews where I talked about my experience, which included a photo of me on the front page of the widest circulating paper in the state. Yes, people said things to me, good and bad. Ultimately, we won, thus keeping Oregon the state with the least regulation on choice. I know anecdotally that at least some votes were changed because of my story. I’m glad I did the campaign and would do it again.

Let me also say, that as a woman who had an abortion in Texas, I am appalled by the recent news that the Texas Legislature has passed a bill requiring a sonogram before an abortion can be preformed.  This will not stop a woman who wants to have an abortion; it just adds unnecessary time and expense.  Society spends a large part of its energy policing women's behavior through shaming, particularly around issues of sex.  Well, guess what?  You've already made your feelings clear about our choices.  But they are our choices.  And you won't stop us.  You never have.


Josephine said...

Diana, this post is quite something, and I loved reading it.

So glad that you discovered Un Jardin en Mediterranee (you make me realize that I have never properly used the 'Un' in the title of this perfume)and I hope you come to love it as much as I do. If I had to pick one Holy Grail perfume, UJeM would be it.

Actually, Hermes is a house I'm very impressed with and I'm pretty much in love with Jean Claude Ellena. If you haven't yet worn Eau De Merveilles, it may be the one that fulfills your herbal/mineral craving (perhaps the mineral craving is mine).

Have you tried Silences by Jacomo? It's 'mineral and rosy weird' and may both satisfy your need for the earthy and confirm your current over-saturation with rose.

I actually have the vintage Evening in Paris 'gift set' which I would be happy to discuss with you (meaning potentially part with)if you e-mail me from my blog.

As for your abortion, you owe no one an explanation. But it's cool that you felt safe enough to share it with us, your blogging...siblings, really.

Thanks for what you did to make things better for all women. I admire that.

Doc Elly said...

Diana, Thank you for speaking out for women's right to make their own decisions. This is an important issue that we all need to address as legislators try relentlessly to chip away at Roe v Wade.

Diana said...


You found your HG -- that's amazing! I have yet to find one, though, L'Artisan Iris Pallida and Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille probably come close for me. I have not tried Silences, but I will now that it's been recommended. i'm going to try to work through the Hermes line in the next month or two.

I'll let you know on the Evening in Paris set. I have to see how my auction turns out.

As for my disclosure of my abortion, once you put your face on the front page along with your name, there's kind of no going back. :) But I appreciate the safe space...and the ability to moderate comments. (Thanks blogger!)

Diana said...

Doc Elly--

I think the most horrifically mind-blowing class I took in law school was "Reproductive Rights and the Law." I never knew how much of the right to choose had been chipped away until I sat in the class, and I had believed myself pretty informed prior to the course. So now I do what I can when I can; and I donate money to my local Planned Parenthood, PP America, and NARAL as much as possible.

I basically feel we have to stand up. No one is going to do it for us.

Undina said...

Thank you.

Undina said...

Hm... I clearly remember living comment on this post. Has it been eaten during the recent problems with the service?
I just wanted to thank you for both your post and your position.