Saturday, May 7, 2011

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

When I got up this morning, it seems like such a good idea. Now my apartment looks like the equivalent of this scene from High Fidelity.

I'm actually waiting for one of you to bust through my door to tell me I shouldn't store my samples like that, they'll get really pressured and leak.

I owe you my weekly update,  I know.  What can I say? *looks around her.*  I'm distracted.  Tomorrow or Monday okay?  I did try four new scents this week (took one pass day), but need to translate my incohernt notes into a post.

In the mean time,  it's time for the April drawing, which I also somehow blanked on.  Mix CD and 3-5 samples from this horde I'm organizing.  To enter, post here and tell me your favorite scent for Spring and/or favorite CD right now.

Drawing closes 5/13 at 12:01 A.M. Open to anyone, anywhere.  On the moon?  I'll try to get it to you.


frill said...

Hi, Diana! I love perfume, but I have to admit that right now I am trying to use up a LOT of scents I've had for a long time, so I am woefully behind on smelleria. My favorite spring scent is Calyx (I'm not sure if it's even around anymore). My current favorite cd is Pomplamoose-Tribute to Famous People.
I hope I win!!!!!! HEE HEEEEEEE!

denise said...

Right now I've been wearing Pure Sugar a lot. Probably too much. But hey, I'm newly single and ready to mingle and who doesn't want to smell like candy? Hellosie!?! As far as music, Rolling in the Deep is what I am ADDICTED to. It's the perfect mix of girl-power and fuckyouisms! Right? Oh, and I also have been listening to Black & Yellow for the gangsta' in me. Whatcha' gonna do?

Diana said...

Denise & frill --

Thanks for entering. Lots of attys popping up on the old bloggie blog.

*digs through her samples for scents that go with short skirts and long jackets*


FGNA said...

Perfume-wise I'm digging the warm sea tree scent of Un Jardin En Mediterranee, and music-wise Janelle Monae has been making me dance and sing along to most songs on her unique pastiche album "The ArchAndroid."

Undina said...

I have no favorite spring fragrances - I might come up with some in a year or two. But recently I was wearing Heure Exquise by Annick Goutal more often than any other scent.
CD... Pink Martini Sympathique.

Diana said...


I love Pink Martini! They are based here in Portland, so I have had the privilege of seeing them live. such a classy act; definitely worth the price of admission.

Diana said...


I am *LOVING* Un Jardin En Mediterranee right now. I bought a small bottle (10ml) unsniffed and now can't get enough. I'm sure I'll spring for a full bottle eventually.

Thanks for the music recommendation. I'll check it out.

Undina said...

Diana, I've been to three Pink Martini's concerts (and bought tickets for their next appearance in the Bay Area) and I totally agree they are worth time and money.