Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't let me be alone. It's tearing apart my blue, blue heart.

The Prom @ Seaside, OR
Perfume Challenge Week 19: Monday, 5/23/11, to Friday, 5/27/11

Happy Memorial weekend, all! I don't know about you, but I'm at the beach for the weekend. If it's pretty, I'm walking along the water’s edge, and if not, and currently they are predicting not, I'm holed up in my room drinking coffee and watching the water from my window. Either way, epic winning! I'd prefer to have company, but sometimes a little alone time is good, too.  Also, if it's raining, I'm probably watching Dr. Who and eating ice cream in bed.  I don't know, at the moment I'm writing this, if I'm actually doing that while you're reading, but I like the idea of it enough that we'll go ahead and say that's what I'm doing right now, shall we?

This week I bring you six fabulous scents from slumberhouse, which I am proud to say is located here at home in Portland, Oregon.

Monday: slumberhouse Kote - The juice of clementines, dried with tobacco leaves and left in the sun to dry. Oh, oh, oh. I love this! The opening is highly acidic citrus orange that slides into warm tobacco. It's a little sweet and a lot of heat, but I wouldn't call it stereotypically 'masculine.' I even get a bit of hot rubber or maybe newly tarred road in the middle. Later it becomes a light green tobacco, almost like a field of fresh leaf. It grows less tart and more sweet as the drydown continues. Less sweet than CB I Hate Perfume Smokey Tobacco Accord, and more interesting and singular than Etat Libre d’Orange Jasmin et Cigarettes, both of which I really enjoy. Excellent. 5 of 5 nods.

Tuesday: slumberhouse Mur - Purist and rural elements - cassis, mate, bees wax and honey hay on a rich base of vetiver grass. Hay there! You know what this reminds me of? Livestock shows. Barns. Carnivals at fair grounds. Wild game cook-offs. And maybe that doesn't sound wonderful to you, but to me? Describes the adventures of my childhood. I went to at least one hay floored wonderland every year growing up in Texas, and this reminds me of those days. Clean, dry, sweet hay and cut grasses for feed. As a scent, I love it. I want it. If only I could figure out when or where I'd wear it. Ah, well. I've come to that point in perfumistahood where I buy the perfume and make the opportunity to wear it, not the other way around. 5 of 5 nods.

Wednesday: slumberhouse Verg - A heart chord of neroli that is animated with the brightness of ginger paints the unmistakable image of spring, while oakmoss and tobacco absolute adds a subdued grittiness in the base. A fragrance that feels like an invisible appendage outdoors, crowned in a headspace dusted with raspberry ketone. I don't get a lot of neroli or ginger; I do get grittiness. I never knew you could capture the sensation of making a cheese and mayo sandwich on white bread at the beach and, biting into it, feeling the unexpected crunch of sand between your teeth. It's so hard to describe! I don't get ginger in the open, but yes, definitely some raspberry. The grit kicks in about two minutes later, and to me it smells like hot concrete. Houston in July, but almost peppery. slumberhouse says this is supposed to be springy, but I don’t get springy. I just get weird. Not bad weird, but not I want to own it weird, either. I wish the raspberry notes hung around more. I think I might love it then.  (Though how the raspberry manages to stay there along the edge, like something you see out of the corner of your eye that disappears the moment you turn your head, I find fascinating.) Definitely worth trying, though. 4 of 5 nods.

Thursday: slumberhouse Eki - Saccharine jasmine and magnolia. Sweet and quite ethereal. What a light white flower scent! From the description I was expecting something moderately aggressive, ‘ethereal’-ness notwithstanding. It actually is ethereal, though. Very gentle and sweet, riding so close to the skin you have to get very close to smell it. If you were looking for a white flower scent to get snuggly in, this is a great one. It transitions into a sweet little scent that reminds me a bit of natural toothpaste, but not in a bad way. It blooms beautifully around the hour mark, like the swell of a chorus, before the final gentle fall. Very nice. 3 of 5 nods.

Friday: slumberhouse Kere - Milky apricot, white chocolate and spiced plum-meat accords add texture and color to syrupy orange honeysuckle absolute and licorice within a halo of vaporous aldehydes reminiscent of champagne fizz. A circus of bizarre pairings harmonized in a blurring fashion that slowly devolves into spicy sugared hay & caramel. Definitely white chocolate and licorice in the open, dark and deep black licorice-y, but also creamy and white, which makes for a unique combination. Later, it becomes more like powdered chocolate; it’s so dry. One of the most wonderful chocolate scents I have ever smelled. It’s practically edible. I find myself wanting to lick my own hand. I definitely prefer Kere to Il Profumo Chocolat EDP, which is not nearly as realistic as this is. 5 of 5 nods

Friday: slumberhouse Flou - The translucent sunbaked meat of crushed concord grapes through fractals of summer elements. My first thought? Momma-said-knock-you-out strength irises drenched in Welch's grape juice. It's so grape, it's graptastic!  You would think that would make it a youthful scent, but it doesn't feel youthful to me.  It smells sexy and a little aggressive, like a very well-made heel with a good pair of dark jeans. Sexy in the way that makes you want to wander through the grape fields and feel the rich dirt in your hands.  I am so stunned by how lovely it is, when I would have told you almost anything made of grapes would feel fake and childish, like candy.  I tend to like grape leaf scents, but not grape or wine scents. This one of the most wonderful scents I’ve tried in quite a long time. So good I practically need to create a six to quantify its AWESOMENESS. I wandered about all day, being hit by it and thinking, that’s Fantastic! What is that fantasticness? Oh, it’s me! Not enough exclamation points! I think this is what I expected CB I Hate Perfume Under the Arbor to smell like, but now I think that is the grape arbor, and this here is the grapes. My only regret?  It's available only in very small quantity, whilst I want to take a bath in it.  Very little appears to be available, too (perhaps it's a LE?), so I bought mine before telling you about it. Sorry about that. It's a reflex. You know what they say -- all's fair in love, war, and perfume. Absolutely 5 of 5 nods.

Winner of the Week Too much awesomeness to choose -- I tried six scents and two thirds of them were fives. Definitely try everything coming out of this house. It’s clearly genius. *Snoopy-style happy dance*

"I'd have sworn that with time 
thoughts of you would leave my head. 
I was wrong. 
Now I find just one thing makes me forget..." 
~ "Red, Red Wine," Bob Marley

Images from Visit Seaside Oregon, xsphotos, and agnesswart.


Carrie Meredith said...

Gosh, these all sound wonderful, I've been meaning to get a sampler of these scents. After reading this, I must do it now.

Diana said...


I was truly astonished by how good they were, just one after another after another. It's pretty rare I feel this powerfully good about so many things at once.