Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 2011 Monthly Drawing!

My lovelies where did March go? It's madness I tell you, madness. Speaking of March Madness, you're all watching the Basenotes March Madness brackets, right? I voted this year. It was so HARD to choose!

As March 2011 passes into the annual of personal and public history, a few quick notes for my personal memorialization: Speak Now; Japan has earthquakes, tsunamis, & nuclear meltdowns; The King is Dead; Protests: Egyptian, Iranian, Jordanian, Ivorian, Bahranian, Syrian, Yemeni, Moroccan; workers stike in China while workers loss right to organiza in Wisconsin; trip #3 to Forks, Washington (don't judge me!); UN intervention in Libya; turned 33; finished a huge personal life goal (more on that later); getting ready for the July bar (another huge life goal); started getting paid to write regularly; felt inspired; felt discouraged; railed at the world; railed at myself; in-law peace in our time; Charlie Sheen; got accepted; got rejected; Middle Tornado; read voraciously; found a temporarily satisfying balance in my life.
Every month a wiener winner!

All in all -- a very full month. And you know what another month means: another Feminine Things drawing! Winner gets a standard sample set from Olympic Orchids, in honor of my discovery of orchid scents and my love of the PNW, and a copy of my handmade monthly mix CD.

To enter, post here by Thursday April 7, 11:59 PM PST. Tell me anything you like, but if you've got a fig scent you really like, I'd love to hear about it.

Any and all welcome to enter.


Anonymous said...

Molinard's Fleur de Figuier was my bargain buy and I have no idea why it was being sold so cheaply. (I also don't know why "Flower of Fig" features fig leaves mainly, but the list of things I don't know could get pretty long!)

It's getting quite a bit of love at Basenotes and Fragrantica. Green and aromatic and long-lasting. Incidentally, the bottle is *very* solid - I should know because I dropped it and "caught" it on my bare foot. Ouch.

Also like Marc Jacobs Splash Fig, which is more fruity-aromatic and long-lasting too. This was a bargain as well.

If you love jammy super-sweet figs, Berkeley Square have Fig and Cherry EdT, which was too sweet and fruity for me.

cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

star said...

I've tried Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee and it wasn't all that for me. Too woody I think. Rob hated it which really did it in.

I really love Fresh's Fig Apricot scent but it doesn't last at all on me so I can't bare to do more than go in occasionally to Sephora and ask for a sample. They may have discontinued it too. :(

I just ordered a bunch of tea from Adagio (various chocolate flavors) and it showed David as a fan too! It is quite tasty.


Diana said...

Wow, Anna. Thanks for the great list!

Diana said...

Star --

That's funny because I'm deeply head over heels in love with Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee right now. Like I'd wear it every day until I got sick of it, but I don't do that. (I has scent rulz. Not burning myself out on things I own is one of them.)

I've tried CB I Hate Revelation and liked it, but I'd like to try a few more figs.

frill said...

I'm so happy you told me about your site!!! :D

Vasilisa said...

I just did a marathon post on my blog about fig scents ( in finnish, however). Many fig scents tend to smell a little flat or synthetic.

Un Jardin en Mediterranee is one of my favourites, but it causes me a terrible headache. Instead, I prefer calmer and more harmoneous Annick Goutals Ninfeo Mio, with sweeter fig scent.

I also ended up loving the black horse of fig scents, Thierry Muglers Womanity. I get very surrealistic wibes from it: salty, sour figs in the sand, by the sea with caviar and seashells? Hilarious and unconventional!

hotlanta linda said...

Try Goutal`s Ninfeo Mio for a green/sweet/milky fig, and then there`s Miller Harris`s Fig Ambre - not too sweet and woody!!

Diana said...

Frill --

Glad you found it.


Diana said...

Vasilisa -

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into them.


Diana said...

Hotlanta Linda --

Looks like the Ninfeo Mio is definitely on the top of the "try it" list.

taffynfontana said...

My favorite fig scent is Premier Figuier By L'Artisan it is sweet and delicate I just wish it lasted longer on my skin. Please enter me in the draw. :)

*jen said...

I'm enjoying Guerlain's Figue Iris from their Aqua Allegoria line. Light, fresh, clean.

Elisa said...

You've got me very curious about the Orchid line! My favorite fig is Philosykos.

ccdouglass said...

I'm afraid I can't intelligently weigh in on the fig topic, but I'd love to be entered in the draw. Many thanks! :-)