Sunday, January 16, 2011

And I'm not a failure, I swear.

Monday, 1/10/11, through Friday, 1/14/11

Good news, my pretties! Your humble blogstress has been invited to guest blog at the renown and laudable Now Smell This! in February. More details as they develop, but let me just say that I am excited and humbled by the opportunity. I will try to do my bloggy best and try not embarrass us all.

This week was interminable, and I was out a day and a half sick. But neither lack of snow day nor 100+ degree fever would keep my sniffer down. I'm feeling better now, which is good because I have a fabulous Washington roadtrip coming up at the end of the week in honor of my good friend Lillie's December graduation from our alma mater, Lewis & Clark College. Like me, Lillie aspires to graduate work of the double alumna variety. We will keep our fingers crossed for her admissions prospects. Expect roadtrip perfumey thoughts and pictures next week.

Now! Let's get to the reason you are all here.

Monday: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Depraved perfume oil - Light, earthy and minty, like moss rather than dirt or tea or even cooking herbs. It reminds me of the smell of an Oregon forest in summer after a warm rain. Nice in winter, but would be even nicer in summer, where the warm weather would make the scent even better, warming it against the skin. Someone described it as "old dust attic" which I can also see. On dry down it gets peachy in the way Guerlain Mitsouko is sweet and peachy. In fact, for people who really like this, I have a suggestion: Try Mitsouko! 3.5 of 5.

Tuesday: Chanel CoCo - Made in 1984, Coco smells sweet, sophisticated, and decidedly 1980s. I can tell this one was a big seller back then because it reeks of my childhood, like I have a hazy memories of women in shimmery '80s dresses hugging little girl me and smelling just like this. It's spicy and sultry and feels like a very glamorous night on the town in Houston during the 80s oil boom. Think Dallas. And hey, I hear they're rebooting Dallas, with Larry Hagman on board and everything. So maybe it's time for a Co-Co-comeback.

You see what I did there?  4 of 5.

Wednesday: Etat Libre d'Orange Delicious Closet Queen - Holy gift to my nose! This is a lovely scent so many awesome notes (Violet leaf, citrus, geranium, iris butter, cedar, patchouli, vetiver, strawberry, rose absolute, sandalwood, leather, tonka bean, benzoin, opoponax), and I feel like I'm getting the best of all of them. The open smells typically pretty stereotypically masculine, but it sweetens up considerably, so it walks this line between being almost, but not quite, too sweet to be unisex. 4.5 of 5.

Thursday: Nez A Nez L'Hetre Reve - This spicy sweet scent is great for the first thiry seconds but quickly becomes an powdery, ambery overload, blaring like someone laying on their horn through an intersection. It's got that pinchy edge to it that I can only describe as the way I imagine experiencing licking something sweet that is completely coated with rock salt. t took an hour to melt down to something wearable, like someone was cooking a lump of sugar in a spoon over a candle. It was nice then, but waaaay too much work to get there. Seriously, some six hours later it was still there, being all ambery. Balmain Ambre Gris was similar in this way, and a lot less expensive, so if you like this sort of thing, check that out too. 2 of 5.

Friday: Jo Malone Sweet Lime and Cedar - The open is very limey, then rolls into a sweet woodsy note. I feel like the two are fighting for prominence rather than blending together, which is too bad. Maybe if the lime had been sweeter and less tart it would have blended better. The lime ends up winning out for a while with the wood as the undernote. I think I'd like the opening better if the structure was reversed. By the middle it balances out between the citrus and the wood, but it a way that kind of runs against each other, chafing like joints of rough hewn wood on wood. Again, it got better about three-four hours in, and then by the eight hour mark was completely gone. And it bothered me, because I so wanted this to be good. I liked the concept and now I need someone to do it better so that I can buy it. You hear that perfume producer people? My checkbook awaits your efforts with baited inky breath. 3 of 5.

Favorite of the week: Ugh, so hard to choose this week.... either Chanel CoCo or Delicious Closet Queen. They're both on the big side and take up a lot of room, but I wouldn't mind having a bottle of both. I can't imagine wearing them more than a handful of times a year, but let's be honest -- when do I ever wear anything more often than that anymore?

"In my dreams
I see you asleep on a twin bed,
the covers pulled up over your head.
Am I asleep or awake?"

"My Slumbering Heart," Rilo Kiley


ScentScelf said...

Okay, I came back to check. You really are at it! And through your first illness challenge...somehow, something called "Depraved" seems like a good pick for such a week. ;) (Incidentally, it is the peach in Mitsouko that slays me; I shall avoid both.)

As for Coco...hey, seriously. That's serious stuff...but big hair good. Yes, I did see what you did there. ;)

Carry on!

Diana said...

And somehow I knew that you would see what I did there.

Thanks for the support!