Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Perfume Challenge: 365 days. 261 Scents.

That's right kids.  My goal is to not just sample, but full on wear for a minimum of 4 hours, a different scent every single week day of 2011. Yes,  even if 5 minutes after I put it on I'd rather remove my skin than keep smelling it.  Yes, more or less without rhyme or reason as to season,  note, etc.  To give myself a break, I'm excluding weekend days and also will occasionally rotate in a scent I know and own and love, but each one can only be worn once for the  entire year.

Once a week I will post a week long wrap up, and announce the favorite scent of the week.  The very best scents will be set aside for the honor  of full-length bloggy love.  Others will be given away to the first person willing to take a lovelorn sample off my hands.

Also, in honor of those of you who were so excited to get a mixed CD in one of my previous drawings, once a month there will be a scent and song  drawing.  The winner will receive a copy of the mix CD from my music diary that month or a mix inspired by a particular scent/note/perfumey  theme, whichever strikes my fancy. FN1. FN2.

We will see how close I get.
FN1. For those of you who don't know, a few years ago I ran across an article wherein Cameron Crowe talked about how he did the music for Almost  Famous.  He started by going back to the monthly mix tapes he made during the period the film is set.  I thought, how awesome.  A musical  history of your life!  So I started keeping, at minimum, a playlist for every month as part of my New Years resolution that year.  That was back  in 2002 or 2003, and I've been doing it more or less ever since.

FN2.  Yes, we're back to footnotes.  It's a sign I love you.  Take it that way.


Bellatrix said...

Good luck woman! :)

Elisa Gabbert said...

Ooh, I like this challenge!

ScentScelf said...

Wowza. I come back and find you setting yourself up for this? What Bellatrix said.

I'll stay tuned to see what develops...

Diana said...

Bellatrix, Elisa, and ScentSelf--

Thanks so much for the encouragement. Like I said, we will see how close I get!

Undina said...

I have a question.

Are you re-testing any of the perfumes? Wearing for 4 hours with many of perfumes (if we're not talking tauers, amouages and those occasional that you hate ;) ) leaves some time even during the week day to apply something you've previously tried. Do you use that time? Or do you give yourself a rest?

With some perfumes I noticed I start liking them more on the second/third try - aren't you afraid to miss any you might like not on a first sniff?

Diana said...


A list of questions so fine you get your own post! FAQ here: