Sunday, October 24, 2010

A little grin, a little groan, oh baby...

Etat Libre d'Orange Antihéros

So it's one week until All Hallow's Eve.  Is everyone else as excited as I am?  I doubt it.  I have a good costume this year, which I promise to post you pix of next week, and I am going to a party this year, so I actually have somewhere to where it other than the 24-hour pie house I always seem to end up at on Halloween.  It's weird, but true  Every freaking year.

But we're here to talk about perfume...

Etat Libre d'Orange describes Antihéros as follows:
Take me as I am » seems to say this fake Mr Everybody. An anti-hero never lies about who he is, hence the seeming simplicity of this hedonistic and sun-drenched creation, entirely centered on lavender flower. This hero of everyday life fights very ordinary battles at work, when driving, at home without every taking anything too seriously. His innate modesty is extremely appealing and he knows it. He cultivates his imperfections with wit and with natural unconventional elegance. With his tousled hair and look, this somewhat unexpected superman catches the eye and still cannot believe it – that’s why we adore him.

Composition: lavender, musk, wood...
The lavender and wood combines for a clean smell, so the initial impression is a light, almost lemon or lime wood scent, after a few minutes, though, it arms up as it sweetens and deepens.  The lavender is really dominate at this point, and reminds me of the lavender cupcakes my friend Jill made for my friend Tiff's birthday.  The wood feels less like a base thank a kind of side note afterthought  The musk is almost no where to be found, leaving the combination with a sort of tea like feeling over all.

The words "innate modesty" are, I think, a fitting way to describe it.  It feels like a masculine to me in a Chuck Bass sort of way, but it also makes for a nicely cozy winter scent.  Personally, I prefer L'Artisan's Tea for Two, but if that's to spicy for you and you'd like a scent that is a little more toward the floral tea side, you might really like this one.

You can buy Antihéros in 50ml and 100ml bottles, as well as get samples, from LuckyScent or direct from the perfumer.

"If I could just turn back the clock and hear you hum along again
I'd give up all this tea I bought hoping you'd stop by.
At least a case of Orange Spice. 
Now tea is something I don't like.
I like coffee. I like it dark.
It's not for wimps.
You're not a wimp, but you're a Buddist.
That's like..voodoo.
Tea tastes like doodoo.
But for you I'd buy tea
just to have you hum along."
- "Just to Have You Hum Along," Betty Elders

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JoanElaine said...

I like lavender in a fragrance. I haven't tried anything from Etat Libre d'Orange. Antihéros is really the first that's caught my eye/nose.

Diana said...

Joan, I agree with most people who say that the Etat Libre d'Orange line is, for the most part, more ho-hum than the names imply, but occasionally you run across something really notable. If you like lavender, you'll probably like this one. I think I'm just looking for a different take on lavender than musky/woodsy. I you've got suggestions, I'd love to hear them.