Monday, October 4, 2010

I don't have forever, but I'll live like I do.

Prada Infusion de Tubereuse 

So let's talk tuberose.

I have 15 ml bottle of pure parfum Fracas, which I love and were often.  That said, with pure parfum Fracas, that tiny bottle is likely last me a lifetime of super strong buttery rubbery tuberosey scent.   In fact, it was Fracas that convinced me tuberose could be wonderful when so many previously encountered tuberose scents had left me cold.

So let's fast forward to me killing an hour in Nordstrom while waiting for some friends to meet me for happy hour.  Jo Malone's ridiculously expensive effort to take over the entire internet one banner ad at the time meant all three sales associates were swamped, so I steered clear of the counter completely.  

I wandered past the Hermes collection and after trying Hermes un Jardin sur le Nil (I read Chandler Burr's The Perfect Scent last year and wanted to sniff for myself) knowing that come Spring I'll head back for a bottle. But this is fall, damnit, and despite it being sunny and 80 degrees out yesterday (back down to a blissful rainy 60 today, thankyouverymuch) I wanted a scent for fall.  I wandered past the Annick Goutal sales woman who tried to press a collector's edition bottle unsniffed on me after I mentioned I owned several of the line, then headed over to the Prada shelf because I had not tried the vetiver or tuberose.  I love Infusion de Iris; I hate Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger.  So I was feeling pretty much like this one could go either direction.

Prada describes Infusion de Tubereuse as follows:

A playful tuberose mosaic inspired by an archive Prada print adorns the outer packaging, its charming naivety a reminder of the playfulness within. Instead of green, the leaves appear to have been dipped in a degrade mauve ink. Tuberose from India: Tuberose is a symbol for creation, intoxicating and penetrating. In Infusion de Tubereuse, the flowers are delicate and young, like morning buds not yet touched by the sun. Petitgrain Bigarade: Made from the leaves of the bitter orange tree, petitgrain bigarade is reminiscent of fresh green leaves after the rain. Blood Orange from Italy: Juicy citrus notes of blood orange from Italy are blended with precision to give a sparkling freshness to the tuberose. Dynamone: A rare and luxurious ingredient in perfumery, dynamone brings sensuality to Infusion de Tubereuse. Its woody notes bring the citrus and floral notes into harmony, enabling this fantasy infusion.
So let's talk about the Prada, particularly in comparison with Fracas.  Fracas is a demanding tubereuse.  Sure, it's beautiful.  But it is big.  It's bold.  It's in your face.  Fracas demands you take notice of it, that you live up to it.  Wearing Fracas takes commitment, because you will still smell it hours later, still strong and sultry, still wanting you to be good enough for it.

That's a lot to ask from a perfume wearer, particularly when days get short, the skies get darker, and the flu starts your back muscles aching.  In my opinion,  Infusion de Tubereuse is a really good starter tubereuse, particularly if you stick your nose deep into Fracas pure parfum and all you think is "sour grape koolaid."  The orange blossom in  Infusion de Tubereuse is evident to me, providing a dry crisp edge.  Where Fracas seems like this intense distillation of the beauty of nature,  Infusion de Tubereuse seems like a lighter, modern version of the same, as if someone painted a modern painting of the same field of flowers that you make Fracas from, and you could wear that painting.  

Lots of people have had not so great things to say about Infusion de Tubereuse (see below).  I really liked it through.  No, it's not perfect.  Infusion de Tubereuse does not last as long as Fracas.  Objectively, it isn't as beautiful as Fracas.  But  Infusion de Tubereuse is a nice starter scent in the tubereuse family, one that can be easily worn, doesn't expect too much, and provides a light accent to your already simple and chic cardigan and skirt set, like the addition of a pair of funky earrings or a vintage brooch.  You wear it, rather than it wearing you or the two of you fighting for attention.  And sometimes that's plenty enough to make you love a nice not overly demanding scent.

You can buy Infusion de Tubereuse in 1.7 OZ for $74.00, 3.4 Oz for $100.00 and 6.75 Oz for $135.00. I got the mine as part of the summer promotional set, which came with a 3.4oz bottle of the scented lotion, for $100.00.

"I don't have a reason, but I live like I do
The sky could crash into the ground, and we like the view
The flood runs through the canyons in New York City
I know when the hurricane comes, it's comin' for me..."
 - "Perfect in my Mind," Gold Motel

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ChickenFreak said...

Hmm. Very interesting. I have too much tuberose - actually, I _want_ too much tuberose. I have Tubereuse Couture, and I want Tubereuse Criminelle, and I want Fracas, and I want Fracas parfum, and I want a DSH perfume whose name I can't remember. (Maybe just Tuberose.) But all of those tend to be in the "perfume wears you" category. I need to try a quieter option.

Diana said...

I know right? I was surprised how much I liked it especially considering all the hater-aid out there.

Musette said...

I've been wearing Fracas for so long now (30 years?) that I don't even think of it as Big. It just Is.

But I am interested in trying Tube Criminelle - the Pradas have not done much for me, alas.

Glad you found tubey-love there, though!

xo A