Friday, June 4, 2010

Your lips move, but I can't hear what you're saying.

L'Artisan Jour de Fête

Dear reader, I am in trouble. I have not bought any perfume, even samples, in almost eight months. And now, for the first time, I have money again from a creative project I'm working on. My perfume trigger finger is practically twitching. Bottle? Two bottles? Or a whole heap of samples of all the stuff I've been wanting to try? It is SO HARD TO MAKE A DECISION!

My self control is on the verge. I'm fighting that, of course, by attempting to confuse myself about purchasing choices by trying more scents.

According to L'Artisan, L'Artisan Jour de Fête is
Let every day be a celebration with this delicious fragrance evocative of candied almonds. Jour de Fete is a new, soft interpretation of vanilla, sheer and balanced by the light bitterness of nuts. The sugared coating of almonds melts into a subtle vanilla accord softened by wheat and white orris. A “crunchy” eau de toilette, for an everyday festive mood.
Notes: almond, wheat, orris, vanilla

What a lovely almond opening! The vanilla is definitely in there, but it smells more like slightly toasted almonds. The wheat note adds a kind of dry and salty aspect, and the orris is a nice floral aspect. It's beautiful scent that walks a line between gourmand and floral by meeting in the middle, based around the sweetness in each. It's a lovely experience that isn't overpowering, but instead is a very comforting scent. It is the sort of scent experience that I find very comforting, and in a city that experiences early June with rain and the occasional hail and temperatures in the low-50s, comforting scents are nice.

You can buy Jour de Fête in 50ml for $95 direct from the perfumer as well as Beauty Encounter, Luckyscent, and Rare Cosmetics.

"Now I've got that feeling once again.
I can't explain; you would not understand.
This is not how I am.
I have become comfortably numb."

- "Comfortably Numb," Pink Floyd (You can listen to the song here)

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ChickenFreak said...

Huh. This sounds very interesting. I'm still looking for a vanilla that (1) I like and (2) costs less than Undult Tihota. Sounds like this is a candidate.

On what to purchase. I'd vote for the middle ground of several 5ml or so decants. More play value than a single bottle, but you don't run out of perfume just as you decide that you love a scent.