Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Like a natural woman...

YOSH Winter Rose

Ah, gentle reader -- where have I gone? It's a question I ask myself.

David has finished the school year and been around to spend time with me, so I've been taking advantage of that. That and the cats have been sick -- ALL FOUR OF THEM.

PB&J --so cute!
I've also become obsessed with The Office, which David and I find super hilarious. We started watching because my friend Shelley, who is a 22 y.o. Chinese International student and soon to be graduate student in actuarial sciences, needed someone to teach her to drive. I volunteered. It's funny. I'm not a mom. I don't know if I ever will be. But I am having the pleasure of teaching someone to drive. There's something sweet about passing on a life skill to someone, something that feels strangely permanent. Some day she'll teach someone to drive, and so on and so forth. It's a little piece of me that will continue.

Shelley is obsessed with The Office, and specifically why the actor/ess who play Jim and Pam are not together in real life.  She kept asking me over and over while we were driving for hours around cemeteries, parking lots, neighborhoods, etc. how they could not be together in real life.  I began watching the show so we could talk about it.  Now I agree with her.  Also, I think I'm in love with Jim.  Not the actor, the character.  I can say that here because David does not read my blog.  No one should tell him.

So I admit I've been distracted in a vacation-y way. But I promise, dear reader, to talk to you more. After all, what would I be without you?

Weather here is crazy town. I know, I know. I say that a lot and it seems like I am forever talking about the weather. I've found the weather is one of the largest influences on what perfumes I wear from day to day. Not what I try, but what I actually wear. Depending on the weather, I either bundle up or opt for looser warmer weather clothes. The combination of the weather and the fashion ultimately creates a scenario that ends up pushing me into one set of scents or another. The weather has been unseasonably cold and wet lately, more like November than June. This keeps leading me back to trying winter scents, even when I'd like to move on to summery scents.

Thus, YOSH's Winter Rose has hit the line-up for review a couple of times, but I kept pushing it off because it wasn't seasonal. Well I'm just going to go with the crazy weather and give you this review, and maybe soon Oregon will get around to a proper summer.  Winter Rose is a limited edition creation of Yosh Han, inspired by her travels through Turkey. Only 250 eight millimeter bottles are available. It is described by Han as follows:
A completely organic botanical fragrance, Winter Rose evokes dreamy landscapes filled with lush textures and colors, spices from the markets, mysteries of the desert caves and ancient ruins, and glorious roses from Isparta. Winter Rose resplendently captures the beauty of roses with a tinge of cardamom-- it is soft and delicately sweet; it is a gem of a fragrance that exemplifies the spirit of the people.
I love rose scents, so I was excited to try this one. On me, though, Winter Rose is a lightweight in a world filled with beautiful roses. Mostly I feel like it's comes off as a very nicely made rose scented massage oil. The scent of oil in this, a sort of bland, cleaness, is just so powerful in this. It's almost like the smell of a well-baby oiled baby. After a while the faint rose is jointed by a mixture of very gentle almond nuttiness and orangey citrus, but it's still not the dominant paradigm.

I try to imagine what sort of situation or event I'd want to wear this for, and all I can think of is a scenario wherein I knew I was going to be wearing next to nothing and in very warm weather. It seems like the sort of scent a person would wear when they wanted just the barest hint of scent, the sort of thing a woman might want, in a passionate moment, to be mistaken for simply the scent of her. Sounds sexy, no? It's certainly got that potential. But for me it just doesn't have enough umph to be worth the price point, particularly when I can have equally organic Red Flower's Guaiac, which does something similar but does it better.

I'm wondering if the issue is that it is an organic, which I have a mixed feelings about, because from my perspective, while I'm all for the natural/reusable/organic/local grown/etc. movement, I don't know that it has any place in perfume. The fact is that synthetic sources can often make excellent perfume -- scents that might not otherwise be able to be created or capturing scents that, in order to create them naturally, would be environmentally more harmful than using the synthetics. I don't think naturals should be getting banned because, let's face it, if you've got allergies then you know before you start putting on scent it might not work for you, but at the same time, I think limiting your artistic palette to organics seems unnecessarily limiting to me, like an English author trying to use only words with a Germanic root to write a novel, or trying to speak without using "E"s. While it might seem like a fun and challenging intellectual exercise at first, after a while it seems kind of pointless or pretentious at best or suffocating at worst.

What are your thoughts on the organics issue readers? Are you drawn to scents because they are "organic" or "all natural" more/less than other scents? Does it matter? Do you care at all?

You can buy 8ml of Winter Rose from Luckyscent for $200.

"Looking out on the morning rain, I used to feel uninspired.
And when I knew I had to face another day,
Lord, it made me feel so tired.
Before the day I met you, life was so unkind.
Your love was the key to peace my mind,
'cause you make me feel,
you make me feel,
you make me feel like a natural woman."
- "Natural Woman," Aretha Franklin
(You can listen to the song here)

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MyPerfumeLife said...

hmm, when you're going to be wearing next to nothing in very warm weather... That actually conjures up such a vivid image that I'm blushing. Anyway - Great review. I can't wait to try this myself - I think I've got some coming in the mail any day now.

Ines said...

Hey, I was just thinking about how you disappeared! :) I'm glad it was a vacation type of disappearance. :)
I can't really say if I'm for organic/natural sort of perfume, I just go after my nose. But from my experience, they tend to last significantly shorter than synthetics, so that's a minus.

Diana said...

MyPerfumeLife, I know it's a...provocative image, but really it smells so much like faintly scented oil, all I could think of was "nude, nude, nude." And that didn't seem all that wintery to me, but to each their own, I suppose. I'll be interested to see if you get something more than I did out of it. It's a very pleasant smell, just very...bare.

Diana said...

Ines, I too tend to follow my nose, and my experiences in terms of longevity tend to be the same. I know there's a lot of debate over the naturals/synthetics issue out there right now, so I was curious.

ChickenFreak said...

I care about organics, but rarely enough to pay the price that they tend to call for. Now, if organics were part of the philosophy of a perfumer with great artistry, _that_ might pry that much money out of me. But it would be about the artistry, and the organics would just help me feel less like I was being gouged.

On the other hand, I don't really care that much about longevity- I frankly _like_ needing to reapply, because I enjoy reapplying. :) And I tend to like my fragrances extra subtle. So those two possible aspects of organics would be OK with me.

And if this one has real rose oil, and some orange, that's extra interesting....

Diana said...

ChickenFreak, I do like this scent. I really do. I just don't know if I like it enough. And for me, it just doesn't last long enough, particularly at that price point, to justify it over other things. But you should try it.

Has Ashland been having crazy weather, too, or is it just up here?

Rosa Couture said...

you have a great blog!


Diana said...

Rosa, a big welcome and thanks for the props! I love all the pretty shoes on your blog. They make me wish I'd won the powerball last night all over again...

MyPerfumeLife said...

Just had to chime in with Chicken Freak - that similarly I don't like a lot of longevity. I want to respritz every few hours or be trying something different. The other day I wore Orange Santal. Loved the scent - but it lasted WAY too long for me - could still smell it in the morning after one little spritz in the morning.

The Left Coast Nose said...

First of all: How can Pam and Jim not be together in real life? Second, Jim, who quite simply worships Pam, is adorable. With you all the way there.

Ok. But on the longevity thing-- maybe it's because I have skin where good perfume goes to die-- I *hate* ephemeral perfumes. Longevity, and for the most part with notable exceptions I really treasure consistency in a perfume-- top notes blowing off in a few minutes? ok-- fine. But something in me wants to "know" what a perfume smells like, and the shape-shifters mess with that.

That sais, I only smelled RFG once, and I did kinda like it...

Final point-- only one dog sick (at both ends) right now, lying in my lap as I type. Cannot. Imagine. Four. Sick. Cats.

ChickenFreak said...

Hey, Diana! Crazy weather indeed, all spring. Eighty degrees, then a hard freeze, then... well, you know. Up and down and up and down, and our wisteria had its foliage frostbitten off _twice_. It's trying again and finally blooming.

eaumg said...

This review makes me smile for many reasons. I recently discovered that I love the office. Thanks to Netflix, Hubby and I watched every season in 1.5 weeks.
I am always attracted to natural scents. But, I find many are hint and miss. Like many "natural" products on the market, there are many great ones, but there are some that shouldn't be released yet. I have no beef with synthetics. I feel like we are going through a Jicky sort of debate again. People want their naturals back.

jevyn said...

I am a greater lover of scent. However, I am now hotly pursuing organic scents due to allergies.
I am shocked at what is actually in a fragrance... I hate reapplying and prefer one shot in the morning and that's it. Organics don't offer that...
if I had one wish, every fragrance would magically turn organic and stay exactly the same, *sigh*