Saturday, May 8, 2010

A matter of complication when you become a twist...

Parfums Zero Six Cent-Trente Yuzu Rouge EdT

Summer has finally hit Portland. Just two days ago, it was cold and rainy and occasionally hailing, and today? Warm, summer breeze. It will be in the low to mid-70s by midweek, and David and I will be dragging out the fans for our thoroughly unairconditioned apartment. With the warmer weather, I am on the hunt for warm weather scents. In the summer I tend to shy away from incenses, orientals, and powders and toward citruses and light florals and the occasional leather. (Yeah, leather, because spring/summer is Rodeo and State Fair season to me, and that means leather.) Today, in my search for summer scents, I'm trying Parfums Zero Six Cent-Trente Yuzu Rouge EdT.

According to Parfums Zero Six Cent-Trente,
Yuzu Rouge is a crisp Eau de Toilette that combines the refreshing Japanese citrus yuzu with verbena, grapefruit, and bergamot. The precious rose adds a light floral touch to the freshness of the scent, and a soft sweetness blooms from the black currant, tea, and amber, making this scent complex and refined.

Notes: yuzu, cassis, grapefruit, verbena, damascena rose, nutmeg, bergamot, cardamom, musk, moss, gray amber
On application I get grapefruit covered with brown sugar and sprinkled with lime. It's very light, and I only get a tiny it of rose or verbena. For such a fruity scent, this isn't very juicy. It's more dry, which I suspect is the amber, musk, and moss base. Apparently some people get a tea-like note in this, but if so it's an herbal tea sort of scent, not black or green or hell, even a Lipton tea. It's light, and kind of citrus rosey, but much less strong or warm than, say, Red Flower Guaiac.

Yuzu Rouge also does not grow noticably stronger as your skin warms, either from heat or exercise, and doesn't quite have the staying power of Guaiac, but it is much less sweet than Guaiac. Consequently, it's wearable by just about anyone. I think you'd have to use quite a bit to get some lasting power out of it, and I kind of wish it came in an EdP or parfum because I would like it much more that way. Being as is, it's a nice scent, and worth trying, but as citrus roses go, the holy grail continues to elude me.

You can buy Yuzu Rouge in 100ml $110 from Luckyscent, Barney's, Beauty Encounter, Four Seasons, and First-in-Fragrance. Luckyscent also has samples. The scent also comes in a candle for $40.

"Can somebody tell me now,
who is this terrorist?
Those girls that smile kindly,
then rip your life to pieces?
Can somebody tell me now,
am I alone with this?
This little pill in my hand
and with this secret kiss.
Am I alone in this?"

- "The Power Of Orange Knickers," Tori Amos (feat. Damien Rice)
(You can listen to the song here)

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