Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's only when the high winds blow that I wish my hair was long.

Eau d'Italie Magnolia Romana

I have a very good friend who has just finished his first year of law school here visiting this week.  He's going to school some two hours away, so we don't get to see him that often, and he used to spend three to four nights a week with us.  It's nice to have him around again, but he likes to tease me about the size and multitude of my samples and bottles.  I don't know how to explain to someone who isn't into perfume that there is really no such thing as "enough."  I guess you just have to love perfume to understand.

According to perfumer Eau d'Italie,
Magnolia Romana is all that one remembers of a Magnolia. A scent initially fresh and transparent, then warmer and with something more: the full roundness of a pure white flower with the green freshness of basil, the cleanliness of lotus blossom mixed with a summer ozone note and the contrast of crushed lemon leaves, with just a hint of the evanescent bitterness of damp earth. A rare olfactory creation for woman and man.
What is interesting about this as a magnolia is that I don't find much floral about it at all. If the scent of magnolia flowers is in there, it's been beaten into submission by a whole litany of other things. I get lemon. I get cedar. I get some spiciness. It's definitely got a heavy ozone thing going, though, and I'll be honest with you. I don't really like ozone. I don't. And that makes this a difficult scent for me to like.

This is going to sound hilarious to you, probably, but when I smell ozone, I smell fish. Yep. To me it reminds me of the way the warm summer beaches of the Gulf smell when an overabundance of seafood begins to arrive and the warm, wet air carries the scent of it.  It's what I imagine Alabama's coast smells like during Mobile Bay jubilee. Or the way a piece of fresh white fish, like cod, smells just before you cook it. It's not an overly fishy smell, it's subtle and faint. But it's there and as much as I love perfume I just can't deal with smelling like fish. I have never seen anyone else make this connection, and I am fairly certain it's a unique-to-me experience. If you are a reader who hasn't tried a lot of ozones, don't let me warm you off them.

In this particular case, Magnoia Romana is, ozone issue aside, a sweet, herby delight with citrus and floral highlights. This is a unisex scent that, if you like ozone, would be right up your alley. For me, the ozone doesn't work, but that's me.

You can buy Magnolia Romana in 100ml for $120 from Luckyscent and First-in-Fragrance. Luckyscent and the Perfumed Court have samples.

"And gulf winds bring me flying fish that shine in the crescent moon,
show me the horizon where the dawn will break anew,
and cool me here on this lonely pier where the heron are flying low,

echo the songs my father knew in the towns of Mexico."
- "Gulf Winds," Joan Baez
(You can listen to the song here)

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