Sunday, May 2, 2010

In Case You Missed It: The Mary Tyler Moore Edition

In a new series here at Feminine Things, I'll be posting on Sundays to share links I've though were excellent from the last week, both perfumey and not, that you might have missed. 

* Sady from Tiger Beatdown writes about how Rivers Cuomo Messes You Up Forever.

* A good argument for why men should be into feminism: Feminism for Young Dudes

* Bond no. 9 threatens The Perfumed Court with litigation through twitter, of all things. There's no case to be had, but I can't believe that any reputable company would attempt a 'cease and desist' via twitter.  Like when Courts cite Wikipedia in decisions, it just ain't right, yo.

* Another by-product of finals procrastination: an all male a capella review of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance straight outta Eugene, Oregon (Go Ducks, and good luck to Andrew, who is working on his 2nd semester 1Hell finals.)

* Natania Barron reminds male readers to Never Assume Anything About a Geek Girl

* Oklahoma steams ahead in the race for "places I'm least likely to ever move" by passing the most restrictive measures on choice in the nation this week. I thought that Nebraska had the title sewn up the week before, but between Oklahoma' new laws and Arizona's continuing mission to persecute basically anyone brown through racial profiling, more and more places are becoming unlikely. It does make the job hunting easier, though, since now I just refer to my big US map of "Places I Wouldn't Raise a Kid or Want to be a Lawyer" in order to mark possibilities off the list.


ScentScelf said...

Okay, this was fun.

But are you *really* going to keep it going when it isn't finals week, or a project isn't due?


Mary Tyler Moore? Hey, she was waaaaay before Lloyd Dobler. Who was just parodied in...what's that t.v. show? {something} Family? Kid holds up his iPod to "blast" at the girl in the house?

Diana said...

"I look just like Buddy Holly / oh, oh, and you're Mary Tyler Moore / I don't care what the say about us anyway / I don't care about that."

The reenactment was by one Rusty Cartwright, on ABC Family's Greek.

And you totally underestimate how much time I spend reading, online or otherwise. :)

ScentScelf said...

Okay, so who came first...Greek, or Modern Family I remembered the name now; happened to be watching that night. Help me out, oh one who schools me in Weezer.

Oh, D, I do not underestimate your prowess at trolling and taking it in. I perhaps project onto you my own recollections of geometrically expanding side tasks whenever big projects or finals came due. ;)

BTW, I neglected to say I am glad to hear there are people who still believe you don't have to be a girl to be a feminist. And I wish you luck with those finals.

Diana said...

Apparently the Modern Family episode in question ("Moon Landing") ran February 3, 2010. The Greek episode "Camp Buy Me Love" ran March 15, 2010 (though the campus bar on Greek is named "Doblers" after the Say Anything character). Both were beat by Lost which had a similar reference in Season 2 (May 3, 2006, "Two for the Road.")

Also, I wish I had finals. I graduated last year. I am instead deep in the midst of unemployment like most of my fellow law school grads. Everything I do now is a 'side project.'

That said, I did get funding for my film project, so that will start in the next month or so!

ScentScelf said...

Excellent news! Congratulations. :) :) :)

PearlSugar said...

OMG. I was 11 when that album came out and I will never. stop. loving. it. Ever. That post made me laugh until I cried!