Friday, April 16, 2010

You know, I've come too far to wind up right back where I started.

Ayala Moriel Parfums Immortelle L'Amour 

'You’ll find it hard to resist licking this perfume, but it will prove to be a true friend for a love-injured heart.' – says Ayala.

Dear reader! How I've missed you!  It's been a busy week here in Puddletown, and I have been flittering around out in the world.  Oh the things I've seen that I want to talk to you about!  The things I've heard!

Let's start with my wonderful mail package I got this week.  I recently won a 4ml bottle of Ayala Moriel Parfums Immortelle L'Amour from her incredibly lovely blog, Smellyblog. This was a truly awesome win, and receiving the package was the brightest spot in my week.

Created in 2007, according to Ayala Moriel Parfums site,
Love immortal encompassed in the unfolding petals of the immortal flower… A love etched deeply in a bleeding heart aching with pain. The lovers’ walk interrupted by the ghostly winds and misty sea spray. Hearts warming to the dancing flames in the fireplace, their longing for a kiss freezes on the snow like Tire sur la Neiges… The maple-like nuances of immortelle absolute are used here along with sweet orange, cinnamon, wheat and three different kinds of vanilla (co2, absolute and infusion of vanilla bean), creating a perfume that truly captures the aroma of cinnamon-pancakes and Tire d’Erable (“taffee on the snow”), an inseparable part of the Quebec heritage in the Maple Harvest Festivals. You’ll find it hard to resist licking this perfume, but it will prove to be a true friend for a love-injured heart. Immortelle l'Amour is also offered as a 100% certified organic Perfumed Tea.

Famlies: Gourmand

Notes: Benzoin Siamese, Broom (Genet), Cinnamon Immortelle, Rooibos (Red Tea), Sweet Orange Vanilla Absolute, Vanilla CO2, Vanilla Extract Wheat Absolute
 Immediately upon application, Immortelle l'Amour is a delicious gourmandy delight!  It reminds me of a chocolatini made with Grey Goose L'Orange, or a wonderful alcoholic chocolate sauce.  It's not just vanilla extract -- it's more than that.  It's a fancy cocktail smell, of the dessert variety.  My friend Jill works part time at a Willamette Valley vineyard, and her roommate and my BFF Kate, upon smelling Immortelle l'Amour, said is smelled the way the vineyard's Pinot Noir Chocolate Sauce tastes.   After about ten minutes I get a lot of the wheat and broom, so it gets a textured smell.  It's like a chocolate bar with dried herbs in it.

This alone would be fantastic.  It would be one of the more unique gourmands I've tried, and I tend to enjoy foodie scents so I've tried a bunch of them. But when I put it on to try it the other day and went out with some friends, I was half way through a movie and suddenly felt like my hands were sticky.  I thought, "Why are my hand's sticky?  Oh, must be those waffles I ate this morning."  Then I remembered it wasn't the weekend (I forgot without a job what day it is), and therefore there had not been weekend brunch waffles.  "Why am I thinking of waffles?  Because I smell like maple syrup.  Why do I smell like maple syrup if I didn't have waffles!?!"  Then I realized it was Immortelle l'Amour, hours later. It smelled like my Vermont honeymoon, so delightfully and deliciously maple syrupy I not only thought I'd eaten waffles and still had syrup on me, but I psychosomatically thought I had sticky syrup hands.  That's how seriously good this is. It's so And I do, in fact, find it hard not to lick this perfume, just as Ayala promised.

I was telling my friend Becca about the experience at lunch today, and she said, "Yeah but who wants to smell like waffles?"  I replied, "Who DOESN'T want to smell like waffles!?!"  In all seriousness though, the fragrances I tend to get the most compliments on are gourmands.  People like food.  They like dessert.  And when you smell like dessert, people tend to associate you with thoughts and feelings of indulgence, special treats, and deliciousness.  In my opinion, that is never a bad thing. (Though I wouldn't wear a gourmand to a 'just before lunch' job interview, as your interviewer make focus more on their rumbling tummy than the wonderful things coming out of your mouth.)

You can buy a 1ml sample is $10, as well as Immortelle l'Amour Tea, Mini Parfum, Parfum Extrait Travel Size Roll On, and an awesome tea and 9ml flacon of perfume set.

"And if I had the choice I'd take the voice I got 'cause it was hard to find.
You know I've come too far to wind up right back where I started.
And they tell me who I should be.
I'll never let the monkeys make a mess of me.
I give all I can and it's all I can do, but I'm true.
And then they talk you up and then they talk you down, 

and you begin to doubt.
Sometimes the reasons seem so very far away.
Ahh but I'll stop breathing that day,
'cause if I can't walk proud, I'd rather walk away.
I do all I am and it's all I can do.
Oh, I'm true."

- "True," Concrete Blonde (You can listen to the song here)

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ScentScelf said...


That Immortelle just makes me smile all cozy-like. I got the tea, too; same style of comfort, in a cup. The lid recommends sweetening (with maple syrup, natch), but I enjoyed it plain, too.

Which might explain why I like Havana Vanile, but that's another topic for another day. Suffice to say, there's room in my life for things sweetened and things not. That thread of immortelle comfort is a nice way to establish one's personal limits in that regard, I must say.

Congrats on your lottery win!

Diana said...

Hi Scentscelf--

I fully admit that this one might set the far end of the gourmand spectrum for lots of folks. I love it, though. Obviously that's probably a reflection of my deep affection for baking, but I stand by what I said: I get the most compliments when I smell like delicious food.

star said...

You made me actually want to buy this one. :)

Diana said...

Star, I seriously thought I'd eaten waffles. It was that awesomely real.

Hope you and yours are doing well.

tina said...
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star said...

Well, I got the sample along with several others. I love them, they smell fabulous. However, they don't seem to last very long on me. That makes me think I wouldn't buy big versions of them.

And seriously, it does make you smell like waffles. Too cool.

Diana said...

Star, typically the spraying you do from a full sized bottle will last much longer than what you'll experience from a wand sample. My experience is that I have lots better longevity from sprayers.

Glad you liked it though.

star said...

Heh I actually got the pack of six samples since that seemed the best value. I thought I might just send ones that didn't mesh to you.

But they are all awesome!

Diana said...

I usually go with the sample packs to start with. Honestly I tend to be able to tell how that will translate to spraying by now but that's most practice. I almost always try the wand sample packs bc I get more variety.