Sunday, March 28, 2010

Science has proven that heartaches are healed by the sea...

L'Artisan Ananas Fizz

It's been a long weekend, and not nearly as productive as I'd like. I'm working on the next aesthetics post, but I couldn't sleep last night because David was out with work related things until almost dawn. For an unemployed girlie, I certainly am a busy little bee lately. Job search season will do that for you. I've been digging though my samples looking for warmer weather items, because as the days get longer and the nights get shorter, we're having a fair amount of nice, sunny weather.

Anne Flipo created Ananas Fizz in 2004 as a limited edition summer fragrance. L'Artisan describes it as follow,
Ananas Fizz in the
collector's edition bottle

The sparkling fragrance of Victoria pineapple from the Reunion Islands is in the heart of this exotic cocktail. Coconut cream and rum lend smoothness and sensuality to the effervescent composition, while grapefruit brightens it, balancing the delicious sweetness. A happy, sunny perfume that refreshes on a hot day and reminds of summer all year round.

Notes: grapefruit, rum, pineapple, coconut milk, cedar.
On me Ananas Fizz is really light on immediate application , it's a little sweet and has a nice bitter edge that reminds me of orange rind. It's not at all lemony, and I do get some pineapple, but it is more like a faintly flavored pineapple hard candy than an actual piece of pineapple. If it were a piece of pineapple, it would seem under ripe and kind of watery. I do eventually get a little hint of wood, but I never get any of the rum or coconut that other people sometimes get. I definitely don't get creamy, but I do get the fizzy.

Ananas Fizz is an incredibly light scent, which would be hard to over apply and might be best if it were applied with the "spray yourself wet" technique. I'd love to give credit to the person I first noticed talking about "spraying one's self" until there your skin was literally wet, not just misted, in order to fully experience the real strength and beauty of certain fragrances, but I can't remember who I saw mention it first. When I encounter a scent I find very faint or light, I always try to use the "spray til wet" approach on the other arm to ensure that I am appropriately experiencing the scent. This can be really hard to accomplish with a 1ml sample, so I have to kind of dump half to the whole sample and hope I take good notes.

Having tried it with a light wand and a half-dump, here's what I can tell you. It's light, it's nice, it doesn't smell fake or synthetic. It sits close to the skin and is the sort of scent that compliments the wearer, rather than demanding the wearer carry it. I like it very much. It's the sort of scent I'd need the big bottle of, though, because it's so light it would take a lot of spraying to keep it going. One of the nicest things about it is how well it would work for hot weather, giving you a lovely scent without being suffocating in the heat. This is one I'd recommend for a trip home to the Gulf in the summer, or even in Spring for Jazzfest or the Rodeo.

I haven't tried a lot of pineapple scents. While digging around for reviews of Ananas Fizz, I discovered that pineapple is a more common scent theme than I had anticipated. Before I dropped $135 on a bottle of Ananas Fizz, I'd try some of the others. That said, I can see a lot of ways making a pineapple scent could go wrong -- too strong, too sweet, too candied, too fake, too chemical. The only thing wrong with Ananas Fizz is that it is probably too light and doesn't last long enough.

Does anyone out there have pineapple scent recommendations? I'd love to hear them.

It doesn't appear you can get Ananas Fizz directly from L'Artisan anymore since it was a limited edition 2004 Summer scent, but there are still a number of outlets that have it. Luckyscent has 50ml bottles for $95, and various Amazon sellers have the 100ml bottles for $135.  FourSeasons has both. There once were body products of the same scent available, but I don't know if you can still find them. Luckyscent and The Perfumed Court have samples.

"So bring me two pina coladas,
one for each hand.
Let's set sail with Captain Morgan
and never leave dry land.
Troubles? I forgot 'em.
I buried 'em in the sand.
So bring me two pina coladas,
She said good-bye to her good timin' man..."

- "Two Pina Coladas," Garth Brooks (You can listen to a version of the song here)

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Ines said...

I have a bottle of Ananas Fizz (ok, I had a bottle, now I have little left). When I discovered it, I was totally in love with it.
Btw, I never noticed it until I gave some to my friend and she said she can detect grapefruit. After that, so could I but not before.
I have no recommendations for pineapple scents, this is the only one I have (and love).

PearlSugar said...

I love the new look! Hang-outs again soon?

建霖 said...
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