Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sometimes I can hold my tongue. Sometimes not.

DSH Perfumes Beach Roses (Rose No. 3)

Every time I think I am over the flu, I sleep twelve hours and get up and five hours later, I fall asleep for another four hours. So bear with me, dear readers, as I try to get back to some sense of normalcy. Additionally, my princess kitteh, Papaya, is going into the vet for to be spayed in the morning. I hate having to be apart from her even for a day, but I know in the long run she will be a happier house cat after the procedure.

Also, here's how shallow I am. I am very sad that American Historian Howard Zinn, who taught me more about American History than twelve years of mandatory education ever did, died of a heart attack today. Yet, I am thrilled to my toes that one of my favorite story tellers, Amy Sherman-Palladino, will be back on the CW in Fall 2010 in a one-hour drama format. Because, let's face it, people, I am obsessed with The Gilmore Girls like it holds the secret to a happy life.

The perfumer provides the briefest description of Beach Roses as "Timeless. Wild. Free." The notes are listed as
Top notes: Lemon, Neroli, Ocean, Palma Rosa, Violet, Waterlily;
Middle notes: Carnation Absolute, Centifolia Rose Absolute, Chinese Geranium, Demine Rose Otto, Moroccan Rose Absolute, Rugosa Rose;
Base notes: East Indian Patchouli, East Indian Sandalwood, Musk
Wow. I know I keep saying, "this rose smells like honey" but hey! This rose smells like honey! So how is different from my other honied roses? Well for your benefit, dear readers, I dug out my samples and tried them against each other to discern the subtle differences. The difference between L'Artisan Voleur de Roses and Beach Roses is that...okay kids. Here's the truth. I tried all three of them next to each other. I can see the difference between Téo Cabanel Oha and Beach Roses and Oha and Voleur de Roses, but the difference between Voleur de Roses and Beach Roses? I burned my nose out trying to spot the difference. Up top, Oha is incensier and muskier than Beach Roses. Voleur de Roses is more tea-like than Beach Roses. Beach Roses is more like an adult beverage. Beach Roses smells more like the way I'd imagine mead made from roses would taste, and let me tell you, I've drank enough enough mead to even have a favorite mead maker. It's liek trying to hold a mouthful of honey in your mouth a long time. Voleur de Roses, on the drydown, becomes a little soapier than Beach Roses. Like Oha, Beach Roses stays raw. The differences are subtle, but nice. If you're interested in trying owning one of these, I really recommend trying the three next to one another. They are all well made and which one you prefer is probably mostly a matter of subtle preference.

Having tried all three, I'm not sad to have bought Oha. I like it the best. My second fav of them is probably Beach Roses, which is more strongly rose than Voleur de Roses and seems to walk a nice like between the two. In fact, of the two I reviewed from L'Artisan this week, Voleur de Roses or Drôle de Rose simply because it smells more different than Voleur de Roses to other things I have, and I like variety, even if it's subtle variety. Which is a funny thing for me to say, because crazy rose lover that I am, I also have a bottle of my patchouli rose fav, which is Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance. But hey? A true sniffa can never have enough scents, and I think this one is a fine scent to own. I just choose to own Oha instead. That said, other people might be able to smell more of a difference. Me? I gave myself quite a vicious headache trying. But hey? For you, dear readers? Worth it.

You can buy Beach Roses direct from the perfumer in 1oz EdP for $65, as well as the parfum in various sizes and presentations. Beach Roses is also available in shea butter based body creme, body lotion, or foaming body wash.

"And I think I could leave your world
if she was the better girl.
So when we died,
I tried to bribe the undertaker
'cause I'm not sure what you're doing
or the reasons.
You're just to used to my honey, now."

- "Honey," Tori Amos (You can listen to the song here)

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