Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So good on paper, so romantic but so bewildering.

This has been a strange couple of months for me, being jobless. It’s weird not going out regularly to interact with the world. I am what you could call a “true extravert”, someone who deeply enjoys and feels renewed by interaction with the world. I need the stimuli, the unpredictability, the newness. Without there being a specific need for day to day outings, I just never seem to get it together. This creates a weird isolation, and at the end of the day, dear reader, I feel as though I have nothing to tell you. What did I do today? I don’t know. Nothing. Everything. I made dinner for my husband, who is really sick. I managed three entrees to cover varying needs, and I made them all without a recipe, which means I’m finally becoming something of a cook. I played a video game for a couple of hours that means nothing to me with people who are everything to me – close friends all across the country, which allows us to talk to each other for free. I spent quality time with my cats, who are probably as close to kids as David and I will ever get, and who love me unconditionally (as long as the food bowl get filled at the end of the night). I took all the ornaments off our Christmas tree, dug out some paperwork I need to send the Bar, and had a minor breakdown about my isolation.

It reminded me of, in short, of that song Carly Simon sang, “Coming Around Again.” “So don’t mind if I fall apart. There’s more room in a broken heart.” It’s strange not knowing what I want to do next with my life. I’ve been moving from goal to goal, year after year, for a decade. My future, for the first time, is a lot hazier. It’s a strange feeling.

With that in mind, I hope you’ll be patient with me if I’m less routine with my posting than I should be. I don’t have a real routine yet – I’m starting one Monday to help structure my studying – but I’m still here. Still smelling lovely, new things. Still trying to find a way to share them with you.

After rummaging around in my sample box, here are the random things I’ve got for you today.

Keiko Mecheri Iris Pourpre

I generally really enjoy irises. They can be refined and elegant, like Iris Pallida, simultaneously natural and ethereal, like Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist, or youthful and accessible, like Prada Infusion d’Iris. It’s amazing to me that one flower can be so magical, so flexible, so many things in the hands of different artists. Keiko Mecheri describes Iris Pourpre as follows:
When creating Iris Poupre, Keiko Mecheri drew inspiration from a precious lacquered panel from the Edo period. The sparkle of the embedded gold-leaf inlay is delicately captured in the perfect black stillness of the panel’s glossy coat. The art work depicts the nobles of Kyoto contemplating from the height of a wooden passerelle over a field of gracious wild indigo and golden iris. You would be right to expect a corresponding fragrance to be characterized by a classical elegance. From the subtle sweetness of the white bloom to the rhizomatous powder of the orris root, the iris in its entirety resounds. A trace of ylang ylang lends a full richness to the sheer iris blend. Iris Poupre’s chypre chord echoes the tree-sap-derived raw materials of the lacquer painstakingly applied to the Edo panel with control and finesse. This perfume defies the expectation of a floral fragrance dripping with an instantly recognizable honeyed nectar. Iris Poupre recalls the elegant refinement of an antique jewelry box. A scent that is breathtaking in its masterful restraint, naturalistic charm and undeniable mystery.
Iris Pourpre a strange combination of a lot of different aspects, and thus ends up kind of muddled. It’s got a dryness to it, which is nice, but also seems accessible in the same way that Infusion d’Iris is. When I say accessible here, I mean in the way that some music is less about being artful and more about being appealing. Or the way some television or movies are meant to entertain, not to produce an act of art. This isn’t a knock on Iris Pourpre; it seems like a nice iris for people who don’t think they like perfume (though I’d still give them Infusion d’Iris to start with). I’ve seen some reviews that describe the scent as “purplish”, and I’d second that, which is fitting given the purple flower. But there is perfume crème brulee, and there is perfume popcorn, and this feels like it tends toward the popcorn end of the spectrum. Even as popcorn goes, it’s pretty excellent – just the right amount of butter and maybe one of those fancy shaker salts. Give it a whirl if you like irises, particularly if you’re looking for a masculine iris because of the chypre undertones. You can get samples from Luckyscent as well as a full 75ml for $115.

More reviews can be found here: Fragrant Foodie

Stacked Style Baroque Bleu

Stacked Style described Baroque Bleu as
an intoxicating scent that lingers long after you’ve left the room. While the heart of the fragrance is gardenia and tuberose, added notes of sweet coconut and rhubarb lend an unexpected twist to this sexy, white flower. Inspired by the romantic, bygone Baroque era, Baroque Bleu is a modern floral with a classic sense that’s perfect for any occasion.
Onward marches the review of florals. I’ve sampled this one several times now, but haven’t gotten around to reviewing it. That’s not for lack of affection. Baroque Bleu has been in my little tin of perfumes to remind me to review it for quite a while. I really like Baroque Bleu in part because it is exactly what it says it will be. It’s a very nice gardenia and tuberose, and the coconut is present, too. About half an hour in I get a rubbery, musky thing underneath that makes me love it all the more. It feels less like a fake flower and more like a real, living beautiful thing you could experience…or be. And it does remind me of a simpler time, but I think more of the 1920s. I sniff at Baroque Bleu and I think of a young Daisy Buchanan, twirling in circles in the arms of charming men at parties held on beautifully manicured lawns under twinkling lights, reflecting in repetition in the gently breaking waves.

I think it’s possible to idealize any era, any moment, and if there’s a way to bottle that sentimentality, that idealism, then perhaps Baroque Bleu is that idealized 20s glamour for me. It’s not rouged knees and flapper dresses and partying away the pain of the Great War, it’s more white woven cloche hats and white lace drop waisted dresses. It’s about feeling innocent and free and full of hope in a moment between two terrible wars and a horrible economic depression, without even realizing it while it’s happening…and yet knowing just enough about the world to know that even if war is temporary, well, so is peace. So you better enjoy it. Baroque Bleu samples are available through The Perfumed Court has a partial bottle for less than $40, and I saw some new bottles similarly priced through other online outlets. Baroque Bleu is also part of the Perfumed Court Gardenia Sample Pack, which I dropped my $20 to explore. At such affordable prices, this is a great scent to own, and I highly recommend it.

That’s all for tonight folks. Tomorrow I’ll finally get a bunch of packages to the post office. (Draw winners, I apologize for the delay.) I’ll finish up some laundry. Get the lights off the tree and get the tree put away. David said we might go to the bookstore, get some coffee, take a little walk around the outdoor mall if the weather is better. We do that sometimes. While I’m out, I’ll see if I can find a story to tell you, or a scent to share. Thanks in advance for reading. It’s nice, sometimes, just knowing you’re out there and still listening.

“And I believe in love.
But what else can I do?
I’m so in love with you.”

- “Coming Around Again,” Carly Simon


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