Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'll give you an inkling. Nothing more.

La Maison Vanille Vanahe

It's funny how, when you start something, sometimes you get more than you expected out of it. You start a project, you meet someone for coffee, you pick up a new hobby, and not only do you get what you thought you would, you get more: new professional connections, unexpected new skills, great new friends. In a world where expectations go unmet or at least disappointed with alarming frequency, it's nice when you get more than you anticipated.

According to Maison de la Vanille,
Vanahe has all the scents of the Pacific Ocean. Vanahe, the woman Eau de parfum, by La Maison de la Vanille, combines white flowers, tangy citrus fruits, a hint of marine freshness with the warmth and sensuous vanilla. This harmonious and surprising fragrance will seduce lovers of faraway climes with its colourful scents of exoticism.
Vanahe is exactly what it purports to be. It's strongly toward the candyfloss end of the vanilla spectrum, and I definitely get a hint of citrus and and marine, which in combination reminds me of those old fashioned orange candies meant to look like the slices from a mandarin orange. I don't doubt that some noses are going to get the dreaded "play doh" note on this one. It's a passable fragrance, but not one I'd choose over the other lovely vanillas out there to be had. When it comes to my candyfloss class of vanillas, I take a "Go big or go home" approach. If you're gonna go there -- GO THERE. Buy Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot or, better still, Montale Vanille Absolu. La Maison Vanille Vanahe tries to get there, but it's like putting an after-market kit on a Toyota and calling it a sports car; you're better off just saving your money until you can get a real one.

It's funny, when I was googling around for reviews, as is my habit, I ran across a comment of my own on Perfume Posse. It was right when I started as a sniffa, and I listed Vanahe in the top 20 scents I'd sniffed. That was exactly two years and eight days ago, and Vanahe wouldn't even make my "if I had a million dollars" scent shopping list. I'm amazed, all the time, at how much better my nose has gotten. Even my sense of taste has improved, which, in turn, has made me a better cook. When I started all this, I just wanted to smell good. But being into perfume has introduced me to fabulous new people, great writing, improved one of my basic senses, enhanced another, and given me a surprising hobby that -- to my unanticipated delight -- lots of people I meet seem to find intriguing, or at least, worth chatting me up about. It's nice. Strange, but nice. And certainly another reason that I am never getting off this particular merry-go-round.

"Do I have to tell you everything I think?
Open book, broken wing.
Do I have to show you what I really want?
Wounded dog, hounded heart.
I’ll give you an inkling,
spare you a notion.
Nothing more.

You get what you pay for."

"Notion," Barbara Kessler


ChickenFreak said...


"Vanahe wouldn't even make my "if I had a million dollars" scent shopping list."

Do you ever feel disloyal to scents that used to be your favorites? There's one - just one - that I would have sworn I'd love forever, and now I'm ready to give away the last of it, if the bottle would just stop looking at me with those puppydog eyes.

Diana said...

I sometimes do. But I tend to remember that there is lots of stuff I like others dont and vice versa and I figure my willingness to pass on a certain scent ups its availability for the next lucky sniffa who will give it the love it deserves.