Monday, January 11, 2010

I want to, I need to be under your skin...

Keiko Mecheri Iris d’Argent

About a week ago Angela at Now Smell This! wrote a piece about finding scents that mingle with your scent and compliment the way you smell naturally. Scents that you wear, rather than having the scents wear you, as it were. These scents vary greatly from wearer to wearer since perfumes smell so differently from person to person as they mingle with one's own body chemistry and personal scent. I've only found a couple of scents that work like this for me, but luckily Keiko Mecheri Iris d’Argent is another.

According to Luckyscent,
Keiko Mecheri’s masculine floral scent is centered in silver: the ice cold glint of steel or the glistening filaments of a spider‘s web stretched taut between branches. Iris d’Argent masterfully combines delicacy and strength. A sparkling blast of citrusy-floral notes introduces the fragrance, conjuring the cool heart of a bearded iris. Be careful to not label Iris d’Argent as a polite, scrubbed up scent for polite, scrubbed up men, however... when the fresh, clean introduction subsides, the powdery, earthiness of a finely plumed creature begins to open its wings, transforming the fragrance into a multilayered, nuanced composition. A subtle note of cedar wood enhances the balsam character and strikes a classic chypre chord, which quietly provides the backbone to the scent. Brighter than a dime and drier than gin, Iris d’Argent is a thoughtful and complex masculine fragrance that is only strengthened by its inherent fineness.
The notes for Iris d’Argent are listed as “Iris, white iris, heperides, chypré chord, cedar wood, amber.”

On me, Iris d’Argent is strange iris, indeed. It’s light and floral, at first, in a creamy and faintly lemony way. The Lemony is like a sugared lemon peel or curd, though, not acidic like juice. Then the lemony edge backs off and I smell a scent that reminds me of the taste of a barely ripe, almost green banana. If you could take that light green taste and cook it into a creamy pudding, with sweet, heavy cream and scrapped vanilla beans, then serve it over tender steamed greens, then you’ve got this scent.

This is the closest thing I’ve ever smelled to L’Artisan Vanilia, but it isn’t Vanilia; it’s entirely its own. This is smoother, gentler, than Vanilia. It’s an entirely original scent, and if this is an iris, then it is the scent that would come from taking iris blooms and stems and crushing them to take the milk from the pulp for wearing. Among the irises I’ve loved before, this one of the top. It’s wonderful because it’s so gentle and still strong and beautiful, not gentle simply for lack of substance or stamina. Definitely now added on the “to purchase” list for 2010. In this humble sniffa's opinion, where Keiko Mecheri Iris Pourpre is nice, but not outstanding, Iris d’Argent is a true winner.

You can purchase 75ml of Iris d’Argent for $115 from Luckyscent. Samples are also available from Luckyscent, and you can get samples or decants from The Perfumed Court.

"Our love is quicksand -- so easy to drown.
They steal the gravity from moving ground.
Remember? You promised me.
I'm dying, I'm dying, please.
I want to, I need to be
under your skin."

- "Dying," Hole

Reviews? I can’t find any other reviews of this one.


Ines said...

Ha, ha. :) I tried Iris Pourpre today and fell madly in love. I have to try Iris d'Argent now and see how I like it but I think I already have a winner. :)

Diana said...

Ha! Yeah, Ines, I saw that you loved Pourpre, where I loved d'Argent. Both are well-made, though, and after that it really becomes a question of taste, I think.

Loved your review, though!