Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And it starts sometime around midnight...

L'Artisan Voleur de Roses

I have been sick for over a week now. David has been sick for several weeks. And before you ask, yes, he's been to the doctor, and yes, I am going myself, so no, you don't need to worry. A side effect of the illness is that, in order all my body to heal, I've been sleeping a lot and allowing my body to sleep when it wants to. This results in some strange hours of conciousness. Right now it's somet time around midnight and the fog is rolling across campus. In the distance, a car alarm keeps going off. In about an hour I'll hear the train down by the river going by. The witching hour. This campus is beautiful all the time, but especially at night. Whether it is in cool and foggy winter or warmer summer with the scent of flowers hanging in the air, it always seems romantic and young. It's got good energy.

I don't know why I'm telling you this.

Anyway, luckily I can still smell fine, illness be damned, so the march of the roses continue.

According to L'Artisan, Voleur de Roses is
An eau de toilette that evokes the smell of earth after rainfall mixed with the fragrance of fresh roses. A perfume that is both sweet and warm. Voleur de Rose is an undoubtedly original masculine fragrance!

Notes: bergamot, rose, plum, patchouli
Voleur is from the verb meaning "to steal" or "to rob" in French, and L'Artisan's "stolen rose" is intended to be as masculine scent. But for a masculine, it is a big fat juicy rose. I'm a big fan of the "patchouli rose" trend going on in roses out there -- Agent Provocateur EDP and Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance being the two of the popular 'dark' roses on the market. I tend to term these the "trashy roses," because they remind me of the perfume equivalent of those ads with heroin thin models in tattered slips with smeared lipstick sitting, bad head in hand, on the edge of a bed on the morning after. She left surveying some guy's loft before reaching for her jeans and trying to remember why all this seemed like a good idea the night before. I love these roses -- all of them. Winning the loterry tomorrow, I'd have a giant bottle of practically every high quality rose on the market so I could spray them on and roll around in bed, enjoying the subtle differences.

But this one seems less like the morning after and more like the night before. It has less of the patchouli and more of the fresh earth smell. It feels more like hope and less like regret. More of newly painted and puckered lips, buzzed spinning and spinning to your new favorite song on the dance floor. More of running through a park in the middle of the night just for the rush of being pursued. It's berries and honey and tea roses, with a woody edge that has the smell of aging whiskey barrels. It smells like promise. And when I inhale it, I don't see anything masculine about it. To me it's all about the joy of starting out for the night, and the untold stories just beyond the horizon.

Looking over reviews, Voleur de Roses doesn't seem too popular, which surprised me because I really enjoyed it. The rose I think it smells the most like is Téo Cabanel Oha, but I haven't actually tried Frederic Malle Une Rose, so if anyone wants to slide me a sample of Une Rose for comparison, I wouldn't say no. On me Voleur de Roses feels like a rounder, jammier version of Oha, and the two definitely are distinguishable after the dry down because Oha gets a lot less fruit and honey, while Voleur de Roses hangs onto that aspect. Has anyone else tried this one? If so, did you like it? What other "dark" roses do you like?

You can buy Voleur de Roses EDT in 50ml for $95 or 100ml for $135 direct from the perfumer as well as various online retailers like Luckyscent and Beauty Encounter. You can also get samples from a variety of sources -- the perfumer, Luckyscent, and The Perfumed Court.

"But you know, that she's watching.
She's laughing; she's turning.
She's holding her tonic like a crux.
The room's suddenly spinning.
She walks up and asks how you are,
so you can smell her perfume,
you can see her lying naked in your arms."

- "Sometime Around Midnight," Airborne Toxic Event

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Image from L'Artisan and this great photographer I found on Flickr, Krispy Rabbit.


The Left Coast Nose said...

I tried this one early on because Chandler Burr liked it-- count me in among the underwhelmed. I found it a little bit maddening, however-- You know that "reaching" you do with your nose sometimes, it's like when you smell something, and you think you should be smelling something....more? Better? This one left me feeling frustrated and unsatisfied, like I didn't have the sensitivity to "get" it all. I'm going to go back and try again on your rec, though...

Diana said...

You know I have that reaction all the time. I usually blame it on the fact that I've only bee ndoing this for two years and I sit it aside and wait to try it again. My ugly secret is that I do it all the time with the classics like Mitsouko and Joy, so I've given myself a five year mark to find the genius. If, after five years of being a sniffa, I can't see it, then I'm calling it a loss. :)

The Left Coast Nose said...

Wow!! Five years!! There's stuff I bin after one sniff! (Well, only stuff with that horrible cotton-candy smell that "Angel" is full of. NO WAY I'm ever coming around to that one...)

I am revisiting Guerlain's Rose Barbare and finding a lot more to admire this time around, if not flat out like.