Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SYTYCD Season 6: Week 6 (last voting night)

First, a finale of 6!?! Wow. Did not see that coming. This season has been so weird schedule wise though. Personally I think this is just so Nigel can get away with letting four men into the finale.

Couples Round 1
Ryan & Kathryn's Disco -- This was fun but didn't wow me. I mean it wasn't bad; it was good. It just wasn't fantastic. I do love Ryan though. I'm glad this is chance for all four men to get through to finals. I honestly have no idea who I would cut.

Jacob & Mollee's Viennese Waltz -- I was really hoping that Jacob was the one who would be stuck without a partner and forced to sink or swim on his own. I didn't know how this pairing would work out, but they were just perfect. I agree with Shankers -- great costuming, great music, great choreography. The unity, the effortlessness in their movement, really good. Lovely and sweet. I think Mollee really held her own, which was wonderful. Also, her costume was great!

Ellenore & Legacy's Contemporary -- I didn't like this piece, but it wasn't the dancing. The "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" is tired. The props did not help. The choreography was boring. Given what they had to work with, they did a great job. That leg lift of Ellenore's? Legacy's head stand collapse on top of Ellenore on the table? Freaking awesome. I do agree it was fraught with peril; I just thought it was kind of boring.

Ashleigh & Russell's Hiphop -- Ashleigh's out and the assistant is in? Could Russell BE ANY LUCKIER? This meant that he didn't need to hold back; if he overshadowed his partner, who cares? He got to kick ass. He totally killed this routine. I hope people vote for this b/c Russell really danced the crap out of it. This was a really hard routine and the fact that Russell made it look so easy -- and the camera almost never cut away from him b/c he was the only competitor dancing -- needs to be appreciated.

Couples Round 2
Ryan & Kathryn's Cha Cha -- That piece was so good. I loved the choreography. I loved the costumes. I did really feel the energy and connection here. Ashleigh is so freaking lucky to have Ryan as a husband, because he is SO FREAKING HOT. Best of the night.

Jacob & Mollee's Broadway -- This music did not help. What the hell was with all the weird scratching? Did not belong in a Broadway number. I did not like the beginning, but after they dropped the coats and were doing the unison movement. That part was so very impressive.

Ellenore & Legacy's Hiphop – That was, indeed, strange. The costuming was weird. And the judges making weird noises at Ellenore? They’re just filling time now. I thought Legacy did a great job with dancing the routine, and I thought he was way better than Ellenore. I agree with Nigel that it was the strange choreography that hurt them in this number tonight.

Ashleigh & Russell's Bollywood – Again, no Ashleigh. Wow, what a difficult routine. I have to say Russell really gave it his all and I’d say it was respectable. I would have loved to have seen Ashleigh do this. I agree that Russell genuinely looked like he was enjoying this piece and that was really fun to watch.

Asleigh solo -- no solo. Hope she makes it through. I'd love to see her in the finals.

Jacob's Solo -- watching Jacob contort does not do anything for me. Sorry. His lines are incredible. His feet are perfect. But I do not feel the earth move.

Mollee's Solo – Who let her dance to Alicia Key's "Heartburn"? "Burning in my soul"? Mollee isn't sexy in hot way. She's too sweet. This was a very bad pick for her.

Legacy’s Solo – The big question about Legacy was, would he learn enough about the flow of dancing over the course of the show to stop doing solos that looked like a series of stunts and add some connectedness, some dancing there. Here I think he was really trying, which was a nice effort. I think he’s going to continue to grow as a choreographer; he’s already a great dancer.

Ellenore’s Solo – I have to admit to being surprised Ellenore made it this far. She did an okay job, I guess. I think all the baby gesturing was weird.

Russell’s Solo – Oh noes! Wardrobe malfunction! This was not impressive, tragically.

Kathryn’s Solo – Better than most in my opinion, but the bar is really low for me in terms of solos.

Ryan’s solo – It is so hard for ballroom dancers to do solos. I liked this mostly because I have loved the song since it was in Breaking 2. And can I just say, I cried when Ryan asked people to remember Ashleigh and vote for her. I thought that was incredibly classy of him.

Final Thoughts
Is it just me, or as the show goes on, does it seem like they get contestants who are stronger all around dancers but weaker as individual choreographers? I look back at the solos from Seasons 2 and 4 and not a single solo from this entire season could at all touch, say, Twitch’s solo from the next to last show in Season 4 or any of Travis’ solos.

Best of night for me? Ryan & Kathryn's Cha Cha was by far the best in my eyes, with Jacob & Mollee's Viennese Waltz as a close second.

This is a really tough cut. I think I have to think of it in terms of who should probably not make it. To me, I think that has to be Ellenore and…. I just don’t know! Kathryn?

Also Jacob to me is like Will from Season 4. He may be the judges’ favorite, but he’s left me cold all season. I’m glad he’s got a bright future as a professional dancer ahead because he won’t be getting any calls from me tonight.

Now to you, dear readers. For those of you watching in the States, who do you think should make the final six? Inquiring bloggers want to know!

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star said...

I wanted either Ashleigh or Mollee to go, but Mollee waltz was sooooo good. I, like Adam, could've watched that all night.

I sorta throw my hands up in the air for the men. I don't know who I want to leave. I don't really want Legacy to win though. Can't really pinpoint why.

My favorite dance of the night was the cha cha too. It was just made of awesome.

Actually my favorite dancer this season is Ellenore. I think she's a gorgeous dancer. I think it might be fun to hang out with her too.