Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SYTYCD: Season 6 Week 3

I am an avid SYTYCD fan and have decided to start posting my impressions here. For more thoughts from season 6 and videos, please click the sytycd tag.

Karen & Kevin's Hustle -- Karen was so, so good. She was so good in fact, that I almost missed watching how totally uncomfortable Kevin was. But, too bad for Kevin, I noticed. I thought he looked awkward and hulky where Karen was all smooth and sexy movement. Karen is definitely top 10 material. It will make me sad if she carries Kevin all the way in with her.

Ashley & Jacob's Jazz -- O.M.G. Why are they so prop obsessed this season!?! Really? I, in my brief life as a dancer, did more than my fair share of prop work, and no matter what you do, no matter how good the dancing is, it's still all about the props. I would have loved this pseudo-Boardroom BDSM piece if it hadn't been for the stupid cane. They did a great job with what they had to work with, which in this case was only mediocre in my opinion. Good job on the dancers, though. Bottom 3.

Peter & Pauline's Quickstep -- The choreographers quickly realized these two could not actually quickstep and decided to give them a lot of character work and almost no actual dancing. Smart on the choreographer's parts. Given what they had to work with, which was easier on them, they did a wonderful job with their characters. I'd love to see Peter do a Broadway piece, because I think he'd also do Broadway really well.

Kathryn & Legacy's Broadway -- Wow, say they word "Broadway," and Broadway doth appear. I thought Legacy did a better job than Kathryn, which again is so impressive given his hiphop background. I'll definitely be calling in for these two because I feel like they have consistently been one of the best couples on the show, at least for me. Definitely in my top 10.

Channing & Victor's Contemporary -- New pairing this week. I thought the choreography was really nice on this one, and that Channing was **SO GOOD.** She really danced her rear off this week and I think she should be safe if you base it only on this week. Channing did touch me with her movement, and that impressed me. Victor was at his best thus far, but I still don't think he belongs in the top 10, which is going to suck for Channing, b/c I think she's going to end up switching partners again unless they get really lucky from here on out.

Ellenore & Ryan's Hiphop -- Little C is a tough choreographer b/c, unlike say Nappytabs, he doesn't flex his choreography to the dancers as much as some others do. Consequently, if you don't do hiphop, you've got to be terrified when you walk in and see him. Consequently Ryan had all my sympathy going into this one because I love Little C's style when it's danced well, but it is really hard to do well. I thought, given all of this, they did a respectable job. Am I going to pick up the phone for this? No. But do I think they should get to stay -- yes, absolutely. Bottom 3 this week.

Molly & Nathan's Salsa -- Oh Nathan, that was so awkward. You were not sexy. You were painfully awkward to watch. It reminds of the opposite of when Gev and Courtney pulled that amazing Rumba out of nowhere two seasons ago and Gev, this sweet little b-boy, was suddenly sexy and hot. Molly could not move her hips enough to be comfortable here. This was just so bad. I agree with Mary, the feeling was just so off. Nathan was not at all suave; he didn't take his suaveness seriously, and that was so painfully over the top it was hard to watch. I wish I could have seen some real salsa dancers do this number. I really do. I think it might have been awesome if another couple had pulled it. Bottom 3 this week.

Noelle & Russell's Afro-Jazz -- This concept clearly stolen from Disney, which was frankly cheap on the choreographer's part and that sucks because you're introducing an entirely new ethic style here. That said, I loved the actual movement in the piece and was happy to see some of the classic moves from African movement incorporated. I loved the rolling flips. My fav of the week. I thought they did a good job, good enough that I'll call in a bit for this one.

For me, all things taken into consideration, Kevin and Pauline should be going home.

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star said...

The Afro Jazz was my favorite too. They just look like they are having fun together.