Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SYTYCD: Season 6 week 2

I am an avid SYTYCD fan and have decided to start posting my impressions here.

Noelle & Russell's Tennis Prop Hiphop -- This was fun. I think it would have been a much better routine without the weird prop part. I wanted a hard hitting hiphop and it was too bad they did not get that b/c they focused on the props.

Ashleigh & Jacob's Vienesse Waltz -- I so did not feel the chemistry. It just felt very fake. I don't think she feels any attraction to him at all and, especially given the wedding theme, it showed to me. He though, of course, is freaking amazing. He is just one of the most talented things I've seen and will definitely hit the top 10.

Victor & Bianca's Jazz -- I have never liked Tyce as much as Mia Michaels, but I am very glad the show has gotten a lot more Tyce to make up for Mia's absence. Personally, I *LOVED* *LOVED* *LOVED* this piece. I think Bianca seemed so natural in this piece. She could have been a little bigger, but at the same time, she was just beautiful in this.

Victor, on the other hand, really was out of his element and it felt that way. I think if Russell and Bianca could have done this it would have been AWESOME.

Nathan & Molly's Bollywood -- F-ing props. God, stupid props making everyone seem awkward. No more props! Now about the dancing -- I seem to compare every single Bollywood number to the very first one Joshua and Katee did, and this one was okay, I guess. I wish it had been more traditional Bollywood. They seemed very evenly matched and danced it equally, so that was nice.

Channing & Phillip's Samba - Awful. Definitely in bottom 4 for me. Girlfriend has the goods but cannot shake them, but she tried and it was very clear how hard she tried. Part of it were awkward even to watch. They were not even good at faking having fun with it. The samba roll was awful -- not near deep enough. I'd definitely cut Phillip now.

Kevin & Karen's Hiphop -- Yay Nappytabs! The routine was fun, if a little slow. Karen did a really excellent job for someone so clearly struggling in rehearsal. Though, let me say, I really did not love her costume, which I don't think was flattering. Kevin was obviously great, but they did not out dance each other, and the choreographers clearly played to the movement Karen was comfortable with (all that thrusting). The weird thigh stand was awkward, but other than that, loved it. A really good routine this week. Karen's one of my favs of the girls.

Kathryn & Legacy's Contemporary -- O.M.G. I'm not the world's biggest fan of contemporary and I got all Shankman watching it -- I was just tearing up all over the place. This was my FAVORITE FOR THE NIGHT! My favorite of the seasons thus far. Very beautiful, very emotional, very well paired and well partnered. I just loved it. I was just so...moved. And that is why I watch the show. Because sometimes it's not just choreography...it's dancing.

Pauline & Peter's Jazz -- I freaking loved this piece. I thought the choreography was great, the concept was interesting, and the dancing was fabulous. A wonderful art piece -- kudos to Wade. A favorite of the night for me.

Ellenore & Ryan's Argentine Tango -- I was so not feeling the heat between them here. I wanted to be. I really did because the dancing was very good, but the chemistry just feels really fake here, unfortunately.

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star said...

Yay! I LOVED the Wade piece. No one else really went there with me, but I really loved it. So quirky.

I also loved the contemp piece.

I liked the tango, but I kept comparing it to Brandon and Jeanette. Since Brandon and Jeanette's was amazing, they suffered in the comparison. I do think Ellenore is a beautiful dancer.