Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD): Season 6 Week 1

I am an avid SYTYCD fan and have decided to start posting my impressions here.

I missed Monday night so I have no commentary for the solo night.

Channing & Philip's Jive - Just didn't do it for me. I felt like they were really cold and disconnected. I'd have put these two no the chopping block.

Ashleigh & Jacob's Jazz -- Tycee D did some amazing choreography and Jacob is freaking amazing. Good luck keeping up Ashleigh.

Ariana & Peter's Hiphop -- I loved this number. Could it be tighter, yes? But emotionally I thought it was better than that cold jive at the beginning.

Noelle & Russell Foxtrot - Russell is just one of my absolute favorites of all time for the show. To find a crumper who can actually dance other styles is so amazing. PLUS!!!! He's got some of the greatest presentation on the show. He really performs and uses his body and his personality and sells it. I predict he will be an audience favorite.

Bianca & Victor's Contemporary - Travis Wall did a really nice strength based piece here. I enjoyed the piece more than the dancing.

Karen and Kevin's Cha-Cha -- The use of the Glee cast song was weird. This is a bad pairing. Karen was amazing and great; Kevin sucked. He does not seem that strong to me. I'd like to see Karen with another partner.

Ryan & Ellenore's Contemporary - Oh Sonya -- you're choreography is so hit and miss. This was a total miss for me. I think the dancers tried but this was just too weird. The judges loved this but I really really did not.

Pauline & Brandon's Smooth Waltz - Oh the curse of the waltz and the quickstep. The folks who get these routines are always fucked. I wonder if they spend half their week just practicing their solos.

Kathryn & Legacy's Hip-hop - Interesting piece, fun piece, good chemistry between the couple. One of the better pieces of the week.

Mollee & Nathan's Disco - Nathan looked very uncomfortable all throughout. I did not see the charisma the judges kept going on and on about.

Overall -- wow will this show miss Mia Michaels. I really do feel like the choreography has already gone down. The men are way stronger than the women, except for ballroom in my opinion. That said, not a bad week.

For me, best of week: Ashleigh & Jacob's Jazz & Kathryn & Legacy's Hip-hop.

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