Saturday, October 3, 2009

New family member!

Meet our newest family member.

She is so tiny! No longer than my remote....

....or taller than a water bottle.

And so sleepy!

Now taking name suggestions.


sheribomb said...

Congrats! I wouldn't know how to survive if it weren't for my cats. I hope he/she brings you lots of smiles, happiness, and furry love!

Sue said...

Oh, how lovely! Congratulations on the new family member. :)

If you are thinking of a perfume-inspired name, may I suggest Songes?

Please let us know what you decide and welcome to the little one!

Diana said...


What a great suggestion for a name. If only I had thought of that. I named her Papaya, actually, because she is orange and sweet like the fruit. She's already answering to it, so I think I should probably keep it. My next pet, though, getting a perfume name (if I can convince my husband, of course).

Incidentally I never heard from you on what sample you'd like. Let me know...