Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just Breath.

CB I Hate Just Breath

Not to be conceited (alert: relatively conceited comment forecoming), but I'm good at a lot of stuff.

You know what I'm not good at, though? Taking care of myself. Saying no when I am overloaded. Staying calm. Generally? Just breathing.

Luckily, to paraphrase iAdvertising, there's a scent for that.

According to Christopher Brosius, Just Breath, originally created exclusively for Marie Claire magazine, "is blended with Bamboo Leaves, Japanese Green Tea, three varieties of Cedarwood, forest and just the merest hint of Incense."
There is only so much you can do in a 24-hour period. Subatomic particles may comfortably exist in two places at once but you can't. There is a big difference between expanding your boundaries and driving yourself nuts.

Why don't you calm down for a moment and JUST BREATHE? I designed this scent to calm, balance and center you whenever you need just that.

Suddenly you're transported to a Buddhist Temple deep in the fresh green forest. Isn't that really where you'd rather be?

On me, Just Breath is a lovely mixture of dirt, mint, and clean spring water. When I breathe it in, I imagine water rushing down mountain. The water is clear, clean, and cool. As it tumbles, it picks up flecks of fresh earth, crushed flower petals, twigs of young wood, springs of herbs, torn leaves. On a hike, I stop to wash my hands in it. Raising my wet hands to cool my face, I inhale and smell...this. When you see advertisers trying to bottle freshness, refreshingness, cleanness, lightness: this is what they are trying to give you.

So when you are feeling overwhelmed, take a tip from Chris Brosius: just breath.

Just Breath is very light with low sillage. It feels more seasonally appropriate for Spring, and reads more feminine to me than I might recommend for a man.

You can buy Just Breath for $60 in either 15ml perfume absolute or 100ml water perfume direct from the perfumer. You can also get samples from the CB website or from The Perfumed Court.

I couldn't find any other reviews of CB I Hate Just Breath, so you'll have to just try it for yourself.

Images from CB I Hate and J Morgan Marketing.


sheribomb said...

If you had to pick 5 of these, what would you choose?

At the Beach 1966
Black March
Burning Leaves
CB 93 Reinvention
Cedarwood Tea
Eternal Return
Fire from Heaven (new!)
Gathering Apples
I am a Dandelion
In the Library
In the Summer Kitchen
Just Breathe
Lavender Tea
M #1 Narcissus
Memory of Kindness
Mr. Hulot's Holiday
Patchouli Empire
Russian Caravan Tea
Tea Rose
To See a Flower
the Fir Tree
Under the Arbor
Wild Hunt
Wild Pansy
Winter 1972
Violet Empire

I am REALLY interested in checking out this line after reading your reviews. I'm thinking of Just Breathe, At the Beach, Memory of Kindness, Lavender Tea, and M#1 Narcissus.


Diana said...


Based on your list and the list available, I'd chose:

At the Beach 1966
Lavender Tea
Wild Hunt
M#1 Narcissus
Memory of Kindness

Now Memory of Kindness smells kind of like tomatoes and dirt and I love it but it's a little out there, so if you want something a little safer to start, try Tea Rose or I am a Dandelion.

Also, I'll send you a sample of Black March. I have a bottle.