Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Millions of peaches, peaches for me.

Sarah Horowitz Parfums Perfect Nectar

Apparently I'm having a week for fruit scents. I think it must be my deep desire to will Fall and all its attendant glories to Los Angeles by hook or crook. While the temperature has dropped a little bit, L.A. fall is a pale and hollow shadow of what I miss about Portland. I am thrilled to be going back for a ten day long visit at the end of October.

In my effort to command Fall here by sheer force of wish and will, I am apparently clinging to the scent of supple and ripe fruit. In my mind, I think of fruit as fall and spring, not winter or summer. And since summer never ends here, well, fresh fruit for the party.

To that end, I’m reviewing Sarah Horowitz Parfums Perfect Nectar parfum. Perfect Nectar is described by Westlake Village, CA-based perfumer Sarah Horowitz-Thran as follows:
Perfect Nectar is a fresh, sexy blend of tropical fruits, white flowers and oceanic musk that sets the wearer aglow with the dazzlingly lush fragrance of an island paradise. A scent that is at once succulent and clean, it transports one to a place where crashing surf and trees dripping with exotic fruits are bathed in golden sunlight.
On me, Perfect Nectar is sweet and dry like the taste of fat, fuzzy white peaches. The scent is refined, but still natural, like a fine dessert wine or the experience of pressing one's nose to the fuzzy exterior and inhaling deeply. It is truly artful, and the pure parfum really holds the scent well. It’s mostly a one note song and doesn’t change a lot on the drydown, but it is complex enough to remain delightfully interesting. It has moderate sillage and excellent staying power.

Perfect Nectar is available in a number of forms, including an 1 oz EdP spray for $75 or EdP purse pen for $36 and a .02 oz (6ml) pure parfum for a mere $40. That’s not to mention the candle, lotion, massage oil, or shower gel. If you find you love one of Sarah Horowitz’s delightful perfumes, you can get your ‘signature scent’ fix in a ton of forms for a very affordable price point wile still wearing a well-made and uncommon scent.

Since I don’t believe in signature scents, but prefer to have a scent wardrobe to match my mood and plans, I get to have access to them all!

“If I had my little way,
I’d eat peaches everyday.
Sun soaking bulges in the shade.”

- “Peaches,” Presidents of the United States

You can purchase Perfect Nectar direct from the perfumer, as well as B-Glowing, Amazon, BeautyHabit, LuckyScent, and other online distributors.

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sheribomb said...

The scent of peaches has always reminded me of you for some reason. I love wearing the scent, but The Body Shop has discontinued the oil I was using :/