Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Home, Sweet (Smelling) Home?

So I made it into my new apartment, and after two four-hour trips to Ikea over the weekend, feel it is approaching livable. The apartment looks very nice. The carpet is new, the fixtures all work, and they clearly just painted it before I moved in.

It's a nice place and I appreciate the effort to make it even nicer by giving it a spruce before I moved in. Unfortunately, the spruce has resulted in the whole place smelling like -- you guessed it -- fresh paint.

I have been trying for two days to defeat this scent. I've burned home fragrance oils in my Aveda diffuser. I've burned scented candles. I've burned incense. I've done heaps and heaps of laundry, which resulted in clean clothes, but not in making the new paint smell weaken, even under the power of lots of spent dryer sheets.

Anyone got any tips on how to make the new paint smell fade? Any recommended, tried and true home fragance options that are a must? Any home fragrance products you would warn me away from?

More about perfume, and probably my new digs, tomorrow...

Aveda diffuser, pictured above, available here.

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sheribomb said...

Patience is the only remedy I've found. :(