Monday, August 17, 2009

You know he never stings, and he only hums for me...

Ava Luxe Wild Blackberry Musk

One of the things I already miss about Portland is that three seasons a year, Spring, Summer, and Fall, you can get your hands on pick your own fruits and vegetables. There are lots of small farms around Portland, though my favorite is The Farm on Sauvie Island. They grow everything: strawberries, raspberries, peaches, sweet corn, Bartlett pears, lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, pumpkins, and more. Among their many offerings are lovely, luscious blackberries.

When it comes to perfume, making fine fragrance out of fruit is difficult business. One lovely example is Ava Luxe’s Wild Blackberry Musk. According to The Perfumed Court, Wild Blackberry Musk...
...blends juicy wild blackberries and light skin musk with just a bit of white rose and Madagascar vanilla. Subtle animalic base notes complete this fragrance. Wild Blackberry Musk is an eau de parfum, edp.
Wild Blackberry Musk is a fantastic mix of realism and artistry. Magically sweet and tangy, the scent is like the taste of berries bursting in your mouth, joined with green, glossy leaves and a musky hint of dirt clinging to the waxy black bundles. And just like picking fruit in the warm sun, Wild Blackberry Musk is even lovelier on warm skin. If one were to eat beautiful, plump blackberries, sucked like jewels from the tips of one’s fingers, sitting outside in the warm sun on a blanket with friends, one would approximate the scent of Wild Blackberry Musk. While the scent has low silage, sticking closely to the skin, it has great lasting power.

While, sadly, it appears Ava Luxe is no longer offering Wild Blackberry Musk, you can still get decants from The Perfumed Court.

Hey blackberry, how you taste so sweet.
Hey blackberry, tell me what you see.
Tell me, is it interesting?

- "Blackberry," Black Crowes


sheribomb said...

Every single scent you review makes me want to go out and buy it. My pocketbook might be taking quite a hit very soon...

I love blackberries.

Diana said...


I can send you some samples in a coyple of weeks. You can try them before you buy them! :)