Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And I've never seen blue...

INeKE After My Own Heart

When I first started this blog, I did a review of Derring-Do by INeKE, aka Ineke Rühland, an independent perfumer from San Francisco, wherein I mentioned the lovely sample box that not only got your five delicious scents, but also got you a coupon forwarding the cost of the sample box toward your next full bottle purchase. I then negligently moved on, never offering reviews of the other five lovely fragrances in the box, or telling you which one I was to purchase. I honestly can’t believe I never finished reviewing the other scents in the box, because I’ve even worn them all a couple of times trying to decide which one to buy first.

This week, I rectify that oversight.

INeKE themes out her scents in alphabetical order. Today we start with “A.” After my Own Heart, described as follows:
The scent of fresh lilacs on the early evening breeze.

Top notes: bergamot, raspberry, green foliage
Middle notes: lilac
Bottom notes: sandalwood, heliotrope, musk
Fresh and lovely, I definitely get the lilac right away as well as hints of the bottom notes. This scent reminds me of wind-swept skies, the kind we used to get in Houston just after a huge afternoon storm had swept through, dumped several gallons of rain, and then just a quickly departed. I close my eyes and inhale and I smell the color blue, the blue you see in a plane after you break through the clouds and there seems to be nothing in the world but the sky. It’s a warm blue, though, not a bright blue, a blue you could wrap around you like a blanket…like a blue that develops into deep twilight on drydown. (That warmth is definitely the musk notes peaking through.)

...Like the blues he drives
In and around
And through me again
I said I've never seen eyes
Like the blues he drives
In and around
And through me again...

- "Never Seen Blue," Tori Amos

INeKE is available directly from the perfumer at the INeKE website, as well as from BeautyHabit and a list of stores available on the INeKE website.

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sheribomb said...

A late afternoon storm swept in and swept out, in the span of only an hour, today. I missed that about Texas. I love the smell...