Sunday, June 7, 2009

Slow like honey, heavy with mood...

Téo Cabanel Oha

Roses are one of my favorite scents. If there’s a rose scent around, I’m going to try it. As my nose has improved, one of the things I’ve noticed is how different roses can be presented, how the use of a Moroccan rose verses a Bulgarian rose changes the to me of a particular scent.

The rose I’m reviewing today is Téo Cabanel Oha. Perfume Posse’s March described Oha as “dark, spicy rose.” Luckyscent offers the follow description
Téo Cabanel Oha is a fresh sweep of bergamot in harmony with a delicate tea aroma. Voluptuous roses from Bulgaria & Morocco and jasmine from Egypt, create its heart of spicy notes enhanced with Guatemala Cardamom. Suddenly, Oha luxuriates in the captivating powdery notes of vanilla, iris, tonka bean and exotic woods lifted by a note of white musk. Transcending time and space this enigmatic perfume will appeal to the woman who likes her fragrance to reflect her own unique personality. Oha is considered to be a sexy, evening scent, but truly you can wear it anytime.

Notes: Bergamot, Tea accord, Bulgarian and Damascus rose, jasmine, cardamom, tonka bean, vanilla, white musk, Exotic woods
The first time I tried Oha, rose wasn’t the first thing to jump out at me. The first thing I thought was “Honey! Wait. Roses? And honey!” The initial application, on me, is very strongly honey like, which I think is the combo of rose and the tea note. After about fifteen minutes the rose takes center stage, deepened by that spicy note. After about an hour, I finally get to the woody/powdery bits and the honeyed rose seems to have disappeared. While it is still a lovely scent, this is one of those scents where I love the initial application so much that I keep reapplying it to have the experience over and over. It is a sensuous experience, conjuring in my mind the soft delicate petals, like velvet, caressed and, briefly, overcome, by a thick flow of affection and sweetness.

Based on what I read about Oha, this was not what I expected from the descriptions. After trying it a couple of times on its own, looking over the notes and other reviews, I decided to try Oha against three others with some similar notes: Dawn Spencer Hurwitz La Rose Fleurette, Parfumerie Generale Brulure de Rose, and Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance. About ten minutes after initial application is similar to Lady Vengeance in some ways, but without the dirty note you get from the heavy patchouli in Lady Vengeance. After half an hour, Oha morphs into something more similar to La Rose Fleurette. By the time an hour passes, Oha no longer resembles any of the three above, and is entirely its own experience. If you like roses, I highly recommend this one, because I do think it is unique and beautiful at each respective turn. To me, that's what makes it special. All the twists and turns in this one make it romantic and sexy, secretive and alluring.

My big secret,
gonna hover over your life,
gonna keep you reaching.
when I'm gone like yesterday,
when I'm high like heaven,
when I'm strong like music
'cause I'm slow like honey,
and heavy with mood.

- "Slow Like Honey," Fiona Apple

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