Saturday, May 9, 2009


Who knew that my first give away would be so uncontested? I can't decide if I have only one reader or simply that most of my readers are people I know in real life who can ask me for samples at any time and know I'll provide.

Well, congrats to Divina, who will be getting 1 ml samples of Kai, L'Artisan Vanilia, *and* Memoire Liquide No. 900 Champagne et Mure Parfum as promised. Indeed, because she is the only person who posted and then mentioned that CB I Hate scents are hard for her to obtain, I'm throwing in samples of CB I Hate Perfume's Wild Hunt, Black March, Memory of Kindness and To See a Flower because I appreciate the support for my perfume ramblings. If nothing spurs the rest of you to post next time, let it be that I might actually send you more gifties than you originally thought available!

Divina, email me your mailing address at and I will have your package in the mail by the end of the week.

And for those of you who care, my last paper is being proof read as we speak and my last exam begins in three and a half hours. Around 9:30pm PST I will be completely finished with my requirements for this semester! I still have a lingering thesis paper to finish, but I have a week and a half of no classes, exams, or job to do that in. Despite this A paper nonsense hanging round my head, I consider myself more or less done as of tonight. That probably makes no sense to anyone but me, but if you've ever watched me write a 20 page paper in less than a twenty-four hours, including the lion's of research, then you know that ten days to write my A paper is more than enough for me to finish in time for the grade deadline.


angel_phoenix said...

I read, I promise. And I care. :)

Divina said...

Hi sweetie, you are so generous!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.