Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reader Input Requested

Help! Due to the crazytown weather we continue to have in PDX this winter, the heaters are on all the time and despite our tropical climate, I can feel the moisture literally being sucked out of my skin. I had my first facial yesterday, and the verdict was that my current moisturizer isn't getting the job done. So I was wondering, does anyone have any recommendations for good moisturizers? I am looking for both a body moisturizer (legs, elbows, etc.) and a face moisturizer. I currently have a day and night moisturizer for the body and I use the entire Origins skincare line (currently using the Dr. Weil's, which is a light moisturizer) during the day and a heavier anti-aging cream at night. Still, nothing is enough. So, LJ Genie, does anyone have a really good lotion out there? What works for you? (Also, if you don't mind, include what your skin type is like, b/c mine is mixed so the combination of winter dryness and natural oily-ness is killing me.)

Thanks a bunch!

Note: Any kind of perfumery is fine. I am also fine with scentless, organic or non-organic, etc. I'm not picky.


Tania said...

Why does nobody comment here? ;-) I like your reviews and other articles. I'm a sniffa too.

Well, a bit late, but here goes:

I have combination skin and the dry parts are getting flakey as I get older. My usual moisturisers weren't doing the job either, but then I found Elizabeth Arden Extreme Conditioning cream for during the day, which helps with the flaking. Another one to try might be Prescriptives Super Flight Cream, I've had a sample and it was pretty good.

At night I use a Lush natural cream called Skin's Shangri La. It smells a bit nutty, but it does the job.
I also use a Lush body cream - Dream Cream. It really works, completely gets rid of my dry leg problem. But I must admit I'm not that keen on the smell. Lush do tend to have smellier-than-thou products, you can always tell when there's a Lush shop nearby...

double.bound said...


Thanks so much for the lotion recommendations! The only thing anyone was giving me was "Neutrogena," which wasn't exactly what I had in mind. The Elizabeth Arden is a great recommendation, though. I'll see if I can get the local counter here to give me a sample.

I've never heard of Lush, but I'll look into it. :)

Tania said...

Glad I might have helped.

Lush is a UK natural toiletries brand. I think they have branched out to the US and other places, though. They also have online shopping.