Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two days later, still floating...

I have no review, but in honor of Michelle and her GAP dresses, today I am wearing Gap So Pink! my trashy girly pink grapefruit scent.
Thanks to for all the wonderful Obama-related political toons!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Jitters!

On this historic occasion, where we will inevitably elect either a minority president (GO OBAMA!) or a minority VP, getting dressed was easy. I picked clothes in the traditional reds, whites, and blues and a progressive style -- black knit skirt, black hose, blue docs, blue jean jacket covered in liberal pins, and my Obama'08 tee shirt.

But I had a terrifically hard time choosing a scent. Do I go cutting edge and revolutionary? Do I go staid and traditional? Classic French foreign? Homegrown American? Old traditional perfume house or new, young, net-sales based independent perfumer?

I considered a lot of options. CB's Memory of Fire, in honor of the rockets red glare and all the burning pages of history and the burning desire for change we have today. CB's Black March , because it's cold and wet and rainy here in Oregon where we march to our boxes to drop off ballots in an effort to change a country. S-Perfumes 100% Love because no matter who you vote for today, voting means you love this country and you believe in the way it works and you are engaged in the act of patriotism, which is its own special kind of love. And many other options...

In the end, though, I went with Chanel No. 5 EDT. Classic. Traditional. Purchased after I sampled it in a duty-free in the Sea-Tac airport on my way to Philadelphia to campaign for yet another equally historic candidate in the primary. French, yes, but hey -- they love a good revolution as much as the next gal. High-quality. Because the choice I made today, I hope, will be a radical choice in how normal, how mainstream, how overwhelmingly populous it turns out to be. That we have the opportunity to confound external critics and embrace ourselves -- in all our diversity -- is something that I hope can become the artful choice. The classic choice. In a country founded by radicals and malcontents and rejects, may our election of a man who blends so many different aspects of ourselves and who ran under a banner of change become the stuff of our normative fabric, for surely it already is.